Review: Starbound: Lost in Space Vibes Galore. PC

I will now proceed to bore you all with a story about my childhood, I loved Lost in Space, the campy, cheesy and at times ridiculous tv show that was already dated when my parents enjoyed it as teens, the worlds and creatures encountered by the Robinson Family were bizarre at best, ludicrous at worst, and yet it was this element of the absurd that made the show so much fun to watch, its that absurd element that makes Starboard so good.

Looking Good.

Starboard utilities 2D sprites perfectly, the quality of the 2D artwork is fantastic, and the sound design is fitting. The title feels both vintage and modern at the same time, I can almost imagine playing this on my first desktop back in the early 2000s.

3D artwork can age poorly, quality 2D artwork is eternally gorgeous, and starboard is a perfect example of high-quality 2D artwork, I can see gamers in 20 years time finding this game as charming as we do today.

Beloved by its Community.

Starbound is almost five years old yet maintains an average CCU of 2K with peaks of up to 5k. These are numbers even AAA games of this age would give their hind teeth for, this longevity can be attributed to two main factors, the inclusion of steam workshop, and the procedural nature of the starboard universe.

The steam workshop includes over 7000 mods, everything from complete overhauls and new races, to poop sprayers and buttless chaps can be found, the full spectrum of excellent and bizarre at your fingertips!

A Creative Game for Creative People.

I enjoy browsing the screenshots on Starbound to see some of the truly majestic creations people have designed. I feel Starbound is one of the most accessible games for large scale creativity, rivalled only by the likes of Minecraft.

Worth a buy?

Absolutely, its a fantastic game and one which you could easily get 100+ hours out of, while official updates are few and far between these days, the steam workshop provides a steady stream of high-quality content.


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