, Are Etherlords 1 & 2, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Are Etherlords 1 & 2, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

Etherlords A Sad Story.

Etherlords is a great game with mechanics that hold up even today, very reminiscent of the current trend of pet/monster battlers. It has one major problem.

It doesn’t work out of the box, it took me roughly 20 minutes of trying various fixes to get it running on my AMD card, and honestly, most people wouldn’t have put up with that wait, it would have been an instant refund if I hadn’t bought it as part of a bundle.

People are busier today than ever, and few people have 20-30 minutes to waste on getting some ancient game running, especially when it’s being sold on a modern storefront like steam, where you expect its in working order.

Etherlords II A classic 90s/2000s Fantasy.

Etherlords II shames the mechanics of the first game in the series, and unlike its elder sibling works when you press play, a novel idea eh?

As the gameplay is so unremarkably different compared to the first, we will focus on just how niche to the era the game truly is, with females filling their major and primary role in 90s/2000s fantasy, sex appeal!

All-female characters look like strippers and its offputting.

Honestly, to reduce 50%, the human race to eye candy was tacky and a huge part of why the media goes overboard on games today when so much as an inch of cleavage is seen, the entire gaming ecosystem is out of whack when it comes to gender roles.

It’s going to take a few more years before some form of balance is attained.

Right now we are leaning into the “too careful” side of the scale, which is the natural overbalance to counter the eye candy exploration of the 1990s/2000s, in time I hope to see overreactions, either way, die out and instead games are made with whatever characters best fit the narrative.

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