, Is MORDHAU, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is MORDHAU, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

Its time to check back on our favourite medieval romp and see how the last eight months have been to it.

Distilled, Filtered or Dying?

MORDHAU has lost roughly 89% of its player base in 8 months, and that’s fantastic, multiplayer-focused games on average lose 95-98% of their player base within one year.

Some exceptions apply such as Rust, Ark Survival Evolved, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite etc., yet a good rule of thumb is 95% loss within 12 months of launch.

Most of those who come to check out MORDHAU as it was new and cool, or because a streamer was playing it, or played it because it was trending have gone, and what we have left are those who enjoy the game to some degree, and intend to stay till the bitter end.

Only the Best Remain?

I wouldn’t say that the remaining players are split roughly 60% average or better, 10% pro-level, 15% cheaters and 15% new or casual players, however old, new casual or pro, one thing MORDHAU have in common is they are toxic, its one of the vilest games I have played community-wise, with a few private server exceptions, every game will have a chat full of profanity, pornographic language, racism, edgy statements, offensive statements and 12-year-old edge lords. I am never bothered by such people and just ignore them. However, your mileage may vary.

Friendly to new players?

Gameplay-wise its easy to pick up and jump in, while you will find yourself dying a lot as you find the perfect class to suit your playstyle, and then dying even more as you perfect that playstyle, its a very fun game and never too late to join in, that being said don’t expect a warm welcome from the community, as most servers hate the regular,s let alone newcomers, its the angry old men on a bench of games, a lot of it is harmless banter.

Still, sensitive people may be off-put by how harsh the community is in general.

Worth a Play?

Its honestly a lot of fun, and I stand by every statement in my first review. If you have a thick skin, you will find a game you can enjoy for years to come, with a daily peak CCU of 5-7k and an average ccu of 3-4k you will always find people to play with.

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