Post Mortem: What Killed BattleBorn?

Gearbox has performed wonders with Borderlands, from Borderlands 2’s longevity and long history of free and paid DLC to the award-winning Borderlands 3, with is massive player base and upcoming crossplay, one thing gearbox know well is how to make zany and lovable characters that combine cool abilities, alongside personality quirks that don’t always make sense.

Battleborn was no exception, with over 30 distinct and well-made characters, there is only one reason Battleborn could have failed, and its the very reason it did fail.

Overwatch was Better.

While lacking the charm of borderlands, Battleborn was a solid game in its own right, in a  universe without Overwatch Battleborn could be the game with tens of millions of fans and a sequel on the way, the open beta of Overwatch showed the entire world just how good it was going to be, and gamers were willing to wait the 2-3 weeks between Battleborn and Overwatch release dates to buy the better title.

Paladins Maybe, Overwatch never.

Battleborn may have survived launching so close to Paladins, while it’s an ok game, Paladins has never captured the sheer magic or popularity of Overwatch, while Paladins and Battleborn would have been a close race, both games would have survived and captured their own corner of the magic.

What could have Saved Battleborn?

Apart from Overwatch not existing? Focusing on the co-op pve aspect, its something the Overwatch community have clambered for so much that Overwatch 2 will set as a core feature, Battleborn could have capture that market with a larger focus on co-op pve, then again co-op PvE Battleborn is just Borderlands, which as I already said is excellent in its own right.

Battleborn is set to sunset Jan 2021, which will put an end to both single and multiplayer modes of the game, a real shame as it was actually a good title, just not an excellent one.

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