Pulse Check: Doom (2016) PC

Welcome to Pulse Check, every fortnight we check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activities, for our third game lets take a look at Doom(2016).

Developer Activity.

Development ended long ago on Doom (2016) with all resources put towards the sequel, but that ok, Doom (2016) has almost no bugs and certainly nothing that required fixing, performance is exceptional and user participation high for its age.

Community Activity.

The community is very active, and automatic matchmaking is possible for all game modes, with one exception, the beginners’ playlists are mostly empty, as a large, majority of the player base is far from beginners, and newcomers want to jump right into the action. Honestly, I would patch out that option as it makes a very active game look dead, with 15+ mins matchmaking vs the near-instant matchmaking of the regular lobbies.

Why did it Die?

It didn’t die. However, it was assumed to be dead by vast sectors of the gaming community due to the slow matchmaking times caused by the original “season pass” format, splitting the player base up between those who owned the DLC maps and those who didn’t.

The userbase is a solid 2-3k with peaks of 6-7k, Doom is far from dead for now. However, Doom Eternal will bleed away large portions of the player base if it is as good or better than Doom (2016).

Can it be Saved?

It doesn’t need saving, right now it’s in a very good place for its age, the only thing which could kill it is the launch of Doom Eternal, and even then it will retain some of its community, due to not all making the switch right away…

Diagnosis: Alive and Kicking Demon Booty



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