Retro Review: Metal Slug – Fun From Another Time. XBOX

Metal Slug is a delightful look back at a time when people just enjoyed games for the fun of enjoying games, and a title that provided less than 1 hour of unique content was an overwhelming fan and critical success that s[awned multiple sequels on half an almost a dozen platforms.

A simpler time.

Metal Slug is far from a mental challenge, there are no puzzles, jumping elements are about as difficult as the very first stage of any retro Sonic the Hedgehog title, enemies alone present no real threat, and only bosses and swarms of enemies provide any form of challenge.

Frantic Fun, Little Skill.

The gameplay is fast, and powerups feel fun to use, from laser rifles to becoming obese (and overpowered) from overeating bananas, the over the top combat combined with swarms of low threat enemies make you feel like you are a true American hero.

Artistically it looks and sounds its 20+ years. However, I found myself not noticing after a few seconds, captivated by the retro action that brought back warm memories of playing my Sega Genesis (Megadrive II), especially games such as Jurassic Park & Empire of Steel (Steel Empire), titles which in my opinion hold up well today, nearly three decades after release.

Worth a Play?

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy it, but I would certainly play it as part of the Xbox Gamepass, due to its entire unique content lasting less than 45 minutes, the buy to own price tag seems a little high.

Metal Slug is a great couch co-op title and one which you will not regret playing.

Available now Steam, Microsoft Windows Store, & Xbox One

It’s on GamePass!

Do I prefer XBOX to PC? No, I don’t and never will.

However, I cannot dispute the value of the XBOX Game Pass, with Metal Slug and over 100 other games included its a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games for the price of a good beer.

But wait there is more, Xbox Game Pass is now also for the PC.

Finally, I can play all my favourite games from Microsoft on my gaming PC, Xbox One has its place, but being able to play on my rig? Priceless!

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