Review: Might and Magic : Chess Royale PC

One of my favourite genres(Battle Royale) and one of my favourite developers (Ubisoft) had a baby with one of my least favourite genres (Auto Chess), and the results are surprisingly good, actually astonishingly good.

Now if you have been following my Auto Chess reviews, you can see I am not a massive fan of the genre.

While I do not hate it, I have not found much in the genre to keep my attention, Dota Underlords was a good stepping stone into the genre, Epic launcher Auto Chess I prefered, except for the constant disconnects/server issues, but for me, Might and Magic: Chess Royale takes the cake.

The Cake is not a lie.

This is the Auto Chess game I was waiting for, with mature looking art design and epic characters, while Underlords was ok, and Auto Chess unique, both games had a rather cartoon-like aesthetic, that is not for everyone.

Might and Magic: Chess Royale brings with it the strength of the Might and Magic IP, with characters and portraits that are very much part of the lore and overall world of Might and Magic.

A New Twist on a New Genre.

The battle royale aspect is a lot of fun, and the visual representation of defeating your rivals is rewarding on a primal level.

The spells system is a great addition to the genre, that being said some are vastly OP/game-breaking spells and requires a large nerf to make all spells competitive, the gameplay is different enough from the market leader to establish itself as a serious challenger, and I cant wait to see how the next 12 month players out for Might and Magic: Chess Royale.

The Future?

I do not feel Might and Magic: Chess Royale can beat Auto Chess and Underlords in sheer numbers, and if (epic) Auto Chess wasn’t so laggy, it would be my personal go-to, as while I enjoy the more realistic graphics of Might and Magic: Chess Royale, I am also a fan of the cartoon style employed by Auto Chess.

Worth a Play?

Well worth a play for fans of Might and Magic or Auto Chess, for an early access/free to play title, it is truly exceptional.


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