Review: Horizon Zero Dawn – On PC/PSNow till April 7th 2020

More than a Game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is more than a game; it is am emotional experience, with beautiful graphics, a captivating narrative and stunning world-building.

Playing Horizon Zero Dawn is like taking a step into a possible future of humanity, one which is both familiar and alien, with all that makes us human put to the test in a primitive yet advanced world, I can’t help but feel in many ways, 2020 is not so dissimilar from Aloy’s world.

Hauntingly Beautiful.

The vast open wilderness mixed with the anarchistic dinosaur machines is both beautiful and unsettling at the same time, it feels so right and yet you know its wrong, something befell humanity to bring them to this point, something that destroyed all that we know today.

The developers have made a world that is second to none, from captivating vistas, nooks and crannies to explore, sprawling old world ruins, and rural tribal encampments, the world feels alive and vibrant in a way few console games can capture.

The semi open-world nature of the game has more depth than many open-world games and overall feels like a very wide scope narrative title, if and when the eventual pc release happens, it will undoubtedly become a best seller, as the PC market would eat up an open-world game with such a strong emphasis on narrative.

On the topic of narrative, I found the story both engaging and well written, the voice acting and facial expressions by the characters help you to forget its a game entirely and transport you to the world shared by Aloy and her tribe.

Smooth as Yak Butter.

Combat is fluid, and while Destiny or The Division style looting would be anarchistic to the world, I honestly wish it was the looting system employed by HZD, as the constant need to stop and loot each carcass disrupts the beautiful dancelike flow of combat.

Despite playing on PSnow (cloud streaming to pc), I encountered little to no latency during my 8+ hours of play so far.

Playstation Now

PC gamers of all ages await some news on when we can finally play Horizon: Zero Dawn natively on the PC until then we have a small window of time (until April 2020) to enjoy one of the best games of the last decade thanks to PSnow.

With new games added each month and a back catalogue of 800+ titles, PSnow is fantastic value for gamers of all ages and interests. I am currently enjoying Uncharted Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn on PSnow, both games available till April 2020 as part of the Psnow subscription.

PSnow is available for PC and PS4.

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