Quick-Review:Dead Effect – Old for Its Age

Everyone has had that embarrassing moment when you tell someone you think looks a great 50 years old, they don’t look a day over 40, only to find out they are 35.

Dead Effect would look fantastic if it was a game from 2010, yet finding out it’s from 2014, its longevity and youthful looks don’t look so amazing after all.

It’s Alright

Now don’t get me wrong, Dead Effect checks all the boxes, it’s a pretty solid horror shooter from 2010, the problem is, it was made in 2014.

The difference with indie/small studio games released between 2010 and 2014, is subtle but noticeable, while graphically they are close as few major innovations were yet mainstream, mechanically they are miles apart, with earlier games often having poor camera controls and jerky movement and combat.

Dead Effect suffers from these 2010 issues, despite being a title released four years later,

Narratively speaking.

Storywise Dead Effect is a solid horror shooter, and while combat is nothing groundbreaking, it does function as a “poor man’s Doom” which would have been very welcome, considering it was two more years at this point until the critically acclaimed Doom (2016).

Looking Good.

Graphically its a “pretty” game and can hold its own with indie titles released today, its looks were never in question, sound design is solid, but nothing award-winning.

Redemptive Value?

Is Dead Effect worth playing? Honestly depends on how big your backlog is, personally I have much better games in my backlog, and Dead Effect doesn’t feel unique enough to warrant a play, but your mileage may vary.



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Platforms: PC

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