, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Platforms: PC

Not all games that succeed deserve their success, and not all games that die, deserve their fate, in this edition of Let’s Be Honest we take a look at games that met a worse fate than their deserved, and what brought them to their unhappy fate.

Not all of these games are dead, and some splutter along still, but the writing is on the wall unless a miracle happens for every title on this list.

So grab your tissues and prepare to weep, these games never lived up to their potential.

1) Rend

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Rend was a truly awesome concept and the first few days saw steady growth, players were drawn by the faction warfare and stylish art style which made the entire world feel magical, sadly cheaters, faction hopping, and an eventual developer scandal saw the game leave development uncomplete and launch as a broken unsupported title.

The story is now all but over as official servers closed at the end of January 2020, with only private servers remaining and mostly negative feeling towards the game and its developers Rend’s story is truly over.

The Deathblow for Rend was the slow response to the developer cheating scandal. A discord server recording has a reported developer spouse boast how her husband spawned in items for her faction on an official server, the slow response by Frostkeep to this issue shook the community, and it haemorrhaged.

While we may not know exactly what really went on, the slow response to a problem of this magnitude killed the credibility of the game and destroyed its growth potential.


2) Zeus Battlegrounds.

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Zeus Battlegrounds was a very solid melee Battle Royale with gorgeous graphics, that launched correctly as a free to play title and should have seen substantial success.

The killer blow for Zeus Battlegrounds was launching right at the start of a very anticipated Fortnite Battle Royale season, chock full of skins that people were grinding for. It left very few people willing to try a new Battle Royale.

The second major cause of death was a lack of polish, no fall damage, overpowered ranged weapons and rampant cheating caused what was potentially very enjoyable Battle Royale to feel unenjoyable.

After months of a shrinking user base, Industry Games sunset Zeus Battlegrounds June 2019.


, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Everyone wants a piece of the pie. It’s only normal to want to cash in on the big deal, its why Overwatch, PuBG and Fortnite both suffer so many clones, Midair seems to wish to get a slice of the pie which is tribes ascend.. a game which hasn’t kept an average ccu of 100+ in over two years and averages around 28 CCU, let that sink in.. the game is trying to capture a market share that is so small, it can barely fill three full lobbies worldwide.

The gunplay is descent, the skiing is a fun idea but poorly executed, overall the combat side of the game gets a strong B-, graphically it looked like a college student’s end of year project, the maps are dull, the graphics awful, the character models uninspiring.

MidAir has seen updates as recently as November 2019. However, the peak CCU in the last 12 months was 25, and without a miraculous revival, it’s heading for a sunset.

4) Last Year

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Last Year is a very pretty asymmetrical pvp game, that took the campy 90s teen horror movies and distilled them into a solid and playable game, sadly Last Year has been plagued with more bad luck than a cruel cheerleader in such a slasher flick.

Last Year faced one disaster after another, chief among them Discord abandoning its store before it had time to even get its sea legs, left as a title without a storefront Last Year languished for a year before eventually launching on Steam to mediocre reviews and a small & uncommitted player base.

Even its free weekend was hampered by bugs and server issues I also encountered very nasty server/network issues while attempting to play over the weekend.

The Free weekend spiked Last Year’s ccu above 3k, but as soon as the free weekend ended the active player numbers plummeted to below 500 once more.

Last Year is not a bad game, but it’s not unique enough to pull players away from Dead by Daylight, and without a massive streamer adopting it, Last Year is unlikely to be a sustainable title in the long run.

5) Band of Defenders

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

It deserved a kinder Fate.

Band of Defenders sucks if you take only into account the steam charts CCU, with 0 online as I write this, and a high of 3, its clearly not a success, the funny thing is.. its really not that bad, the Developers didn’t overprice the game, nor is the quality poor, the selection of weapons and towers is relatively vast, and there is very little if any lag problems.

Why did it Die?

It does give off the impression of trying to be Fortnite Save the World, and that’s a wrong impression, the gameplay is very much different, where Fortnite is a scavenger third-person building/combat based game, In BoD the scavenging element is absent entirely and the building is limited to brief seconds between rounds.

Knowing your Audience.

The intro is amusing, while the dubbing is poor; it tells a story that gives you some background to the game. However, the intro is also a problem for several gamers who refunded BoD, the scenes busty women giving our Anti Hero a BJ felt tacky and fan service to them. The female character also is extremely sexualized. The game lacks a strong female character for gamers who wish to play as a female.

Women might as well be sex dolls in this game, customization is also very poor, with only three base characters for a four-player co-op game… seriously one more would have made a lot of difference.

Dead Co-Op games stay dead.

The launch was very poor, with ccu barley breaking 250, the writing was on the wall from day one, while it’s not a bad game, and is loads of fun with friends, BoD clearly will never reach full release or see more development.

6) The Misfits

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

The Misfits was a genuinely good classic third-person shooter, the simple art style, lightning-fast gimic-free combat and retro map design teleported me back to the early 2000s, most people who I knew who played the game thought of it favourably, the problem was, very few people even knew it existed until it was too late, launching to a tiny ccu of less than 125, and dwindling each day due to the niche nature of the combat, The Misfits was dead from early access launch, and that was a true shame.

With marketing and further development time, it would have carved a niche out for itself, as it stands, without a miracle we shall never again get to play The Misfits, as the CCU rests at 0 currently, with a monthly peak of 1 its unlikely to see a rival.

7) Overkill’s: The Walking Dead

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

Overkill’s: The Walking Dead not a perfect game, however, it was an excellent co-op shooter, that given time would have secured a sizable player base.

Games based off successful third party are always more expensive, this is a reality that sensible people understand right away, that, of course, means steam community and various subreddits understood it about as well as a poodle understand physics.

Cries of greedy wishes for death and constant harassment of the developers and player base, resulted in Skybound (The Walking Dead IP Owner) killing the game before all of the content was released.

Overkill’s: The Walking Dead was far from a perfect The Walking Dead game, but it was by far the best we had ever had, and the developers were clearly going to fix any lingering issues, already the unreleased final patch would have addressed almost every understanding issue, even if new sales of the title were stopped Skybound should allow Overkill to release the final patch and season 2 content to those who already own it.

Overkill’s: The Walking Dead had so much going for it, gorgeous graphics, fun combat and memorable characters that felt authentic to the lore of the world, thankfully if you join Discord for the game matches are still popular, but the conclusion to series two will not be coming without a miracle.

I standby every word of my original review, its a very solid game, but one killed by whiney Reddit users and trolls.

8) The Darwin Project

, Let’s Be Honest About: Games That Die Young #1

The Darwin Project on PC is not dead, and matchmaking in the afternoons onward is close to instant due to the small lobby size. However, the PC userbase needs a boost to be competitive and avoid the appearance of death.

The Darwin Project is one of the most unique and most enjoyable Battle Royale games in existence and with better marketing, and crossplay would be a rival to even games such as Fortnite, sharing many similarities with the industry-leading title.

On consoles, The Darwin Project is thriving, and with the upcoming battlepass/new season, it would be a fantastic time to introduce crossplay, its a must in 2020, as the benefits of having a massive and varied player base cannot be denied.

My original review


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