, Is Kingdom Under Fire 2, Worth Playing ?

Is Kingdom Under Fire 2, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a decent looking game for its age. However, its over-reliance on sexualised characters and ridiculous armour reduce this game from a serious MMORPG/RTS hybrid to a cheesy neckbeard paradise.

So Close to Getting it Right.

Graphically is good for its age and is very reminiscent of Archeage,  sound design is good and even voice acting is on well done for an eastern import, the art style is very western, and avoids a pitfall that many eastern MMORPG run into, having cute cartoony animal characters and “magical little girl” races.

Combat is very well done also, with hybrid Action and Tab targeting MMORPG combat, mixed with RTS controls, battles are fluid and exciting, and it would be a fantastic and refreshing addition to the MMORPG genre if only classes weren’t gender locked.

Female armour looks more like BDSM restraints that actual armour and goes beyond looking sexy to being crass and tasteless, with most female armours for caster being little more than nipple tassels and high heeled shoes, a stark contrast to the epic looking armour worn by the male classes.

, Is Kingdom Under Fire 2, Worth Playing ?

A Walking Corpse.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 struggles to break 1k CCU on Steam, and while its non-steam launcher numbers are unknown, we can safely assume by matchmaking times that it isn’t more than a few thousand, a low CCU, the grind and progression nature of MMORPG, and a hefty price tag for its age, Kingdom Under Fire 2 will stagger onwards due to the strength of its IP, and the unique RTS aspect, but success is out of reach for Kingdom Under Fire 2, and it’s all downhill from here, dying a death that will last a few years.

Worth a Play?

Honestly, MMORPGs require a lot of time commitment and that commitment is made worthwhile by the longevity of MMORPG such as Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. I personally would not recommend putting time into a game that could vanish a year or so from now.

So close to being a good game, its oversexualized characters and low playerbase make this hard pass for any serious fans of either genre.

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