The Basics of Becoming Rich in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a massive game with 15 years of history, unlike many games of this age, there is still value in crafted items and gathered material from all over those 15 years, in this first instalment of the “How to Become Rich in World of Warcraft Guide” we will look at basic gold making concepts and how to organise your gold making.

This guide is written from the view of someone who has a 110/120 toon but finds themselves wanting a new challenge or are tired of being broke, early guides will be pretty basic for the sake of newcomers, but more in-depth shuffles and tips will follow in later guides.

Tip #1 Grab Some Addons

Suggested Addons

  1. Trade Skill Master
  2. Bagnon
  3. Loot Appraiser
  4. Crapaway

Why Do I Need Addons?

Volume and efficiency, why spend 25 minute manually listing items on the auction house, when you can spend 2-3 minutes listing items and the rest of the time farm materials/craft items to make you money.

Trade Skill Master has the added benefit of giving you some very basic sales data, while it’s incomplete its better than nothing, and will give you a rough guideline of item values on your server.

Bagnon is more of a quality of life addon, with the number of items you will be working with, a searchable bag in a single pane saves not only time but your sanity.

Loot Appraiser Is fantastic for farming old content, configure the addon to let you know when you find something special, Loot Appraiser is also helpful to decide which farms are most profitable on your server, providing you with an estimated gold per hour figure.

Crapaway automatically sells junk/scrap items whenever you visit a vendor, saving you time and helping to declutter your bags.

Tip #2 Controlling The Market

When new to gold making it’s all too easy to see yourself as Big Daddy Swag, you will control the Auction House like an industrial age tycoon and everyone, and their sweet mother will pay your prices for whatever materials you have set your eyes on.
Controlling the flow of material is possible, but you have to look at the source of the materials before you proceed and ask yourself some simple questions.

We will use Linen Cloth as an example market.

  1. Who is my target buyer for Linen Cloth?
  2. How Rich are they?
  3. What will they craft from Linen Cloth?
  4. How well does Simple Brown Robe sell?
  5. How easy is it to farm Linen Cloth?
  6. Who can farm Linen Cloth?
  7. How much of my liquid wealth will be tied up?
  8. What is the daily sale rate of Linen Cloth?

And now the answers to the above hypothetical questions.

  1. New players or those levelling professions.
  2. New players are mostly broke, and higher-level players will farm their own Linen Cloth if you try to make too much profit.
  3. Almost nothing is worth making value-wise with Linen Cloth, both new players and power levelling alts won’t spend more than a few silver per Linen Cloth.
  4. Let’s say they made a Simple Brown Robe, these sell for almost nothing and almost never sell, very little market incentive to buy your Linen Cloth.
  5. Anyone with an alt over 60 can farm bucket loads of linen cloth from open-world and low-level dungeons in a matter of minutes, at 120 you can easily get 1k+Linen Cloth in 10 minutes.
  6. Every class and professions can get drops of linen cloth, and while tailors get more cloth drops, anyone can get some, and the market is flooded, supply is far greater than demand.
  7. In the current example not much, linen cloth is dirt cheap and often costs 1s, prior to the new auction house it often sold for less than 15c per Cloth.
  8. In the case of Linen Cloth, the sale rate is far below the farm rate. Prices will never go very far above 1silver for very long.

What doe the above questions and answers show us about the Linen Cloth market.

  • Its oversupplied.
  • Has little demand.
  • Offers minimal value to both buyers and sellers.
  • Offers no crafting incentive.
  • Is impossible to control for more than a few minutes at a time.

Tip #3 Avoiding the Pack

Everyone wants to have a piece of the action, but sometimes the action is so oversupplied you end up with a very small piece.

Some markets such as current Exspanion health pots and food have a huge demand and can handle the oversupply, while others such as BoE have more trouble dealing with oversupply.

Feel free to dabble in these markets,m but while everyone’s eyes are on items X, you can monopolise item Y.


Take mining for example, during patch 8.3 most people are farming Storm Silver Ore and Osmenite Ore, so this is the perfect time to focus on an older ore such as Fel Iron Ore which still has a demand due to crafted tranmogs and mounts, but has almost no one farming it, with a little bit of time and gold to buy out the current stock, you can easily see yourself to controlling a lucrative market at the price you set.

There is a surprisingly large market for old-world herbs, ore and even crafts, look at your own server and see which have a demand that isn’t being met, and meet that demand, at your price!

Example 2

On my server, I discovered almost no one was making Skystep Potions, crafting up a few stacks I quickly sold them for 350g each (crafting cost was 45g each), I restocked, and again raiders and farmers gladly bought my stock at the price I wanted.

Meanwhile, the Battle for Azeroth Lightfoot potion sells for about 4g profit if you are lucky and is a vastly oversupplied market.

Every server is different, but if you look hard enough, every server has a market that could use a smart gold maker like yourself, be the big fish in a small pond and watch the gold roll in!.


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