, Is Hurtworld, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is Hurtworld, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

Hurtworld has been a roller coaster throughout its entire lifespan, from Early Access and into full launch, it’s encountered highs and lows that seem impossible for a game with its history.

Let’s have a look at some of these high and lows before we proceed.

  • Early Access Launch – December 2015 –  13,291 Peak CCU
  • Development Drought. September 2018 – 809  Peak CCU
  • Hurt World V 2.0  – January 2019 – 7,563 Peak CCU
  • Splitting userbase between 1.0, 2.0 and Beta Branches. – October 2019 – 668  Peak CCU
  • Full Launch – December 2019 –  5,026 Peak CCU
  • 60+ Days With Little Post Launch News – March 2020 – 1,630 Peak CCU

What does this tell us?

Hurtworld is a game that lives and dies with its updates and struggles to maintain much of a community (800+) outside of update windows.

Compared to games such as Rust which maintains an average monthly CCU of 50k, with peaks 60-90k around updates, you can see why Hurtworld struggles to garner much of an audience, and that is a real shame.

, Is Hurtworld, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Ugly Duckling No More.

Hurtworld has come leaps and bounds since its original launch, the gameplay is smoother, crafting is easy to pick up and the building system, while not overly advanced is functional and easy to pick up.

Graphically it looks less like a student project, and the awful crafting material icons are finally gone, that alone is a cause for celebration.

The community is rather small, but it’s focused around a few servers, allowing the game to feel far more active than its CCU would suggest, every server I tried had an active chat, even at off-peak hours, and while most of that chat was Russian or Chinese, it was nice to see warm bodies at least!

On the topic of servers, the best/most active official servers seem to be hosted in Narnia, as I have yet to meet anyone who gets a good ping when playing on them, regardless of their location.

, Is Hurtworld, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Not Ugly, but Still Quirky

Hurtworld is still an odd duck, despite its makeover, the chief among these oddities is the inability to chop down trees and reliance on finding felled logs to get wood, on a similar note all the nodes look terrible, and spawn without any real design, random spike of iron, coal, flint and clay jut out from the flat landscape with no rhyme or reason, it makes the game look rather cheap, even small changes like limiting the heavy ores to being close to mountains/rivers would be a huge immersion booster.

Another sore point is the lack of character customization, it consists of selecting a base model, and then a haircut from 4 choices in most cases, and offers little room for immersion.

Honestly, I feel the game would do far better with role players if there was room to create custom avatars, as right now its mostly clones of the same 2 characters populating every server

Worth a Play?

If you own it sure, as its a lot of fun, otherwise I suggest saving your money for Rust or Ark Survival Evolved, as its not a very polished game, and suffers months/years of low community activity between updates.


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