, Will Roller Champions, Be Worth Playing ?

Will Roller Champions, Be Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Roller Champions is one of the most unique and promising competitive sports titles to be announced in a decade, despite being in closed alpha, Roller Champions is already miles ahead of current market leaders, and its future can only get brighter if it maintains its current trajectory.

Why is it so Promising?

Roller Champions offers high paced, non-violent, and buttery smooth e-sport ready gameplay that has the ability to be marketed to a wide demographic. Kids will want to play it, parents will be happy their kids aren’t playing a “violent game”, streamers will flood to it, sheep will follow the streamers and those who see the product for what it is, a truly exceptionally smooth sports title, will follow them.

It won’t beat Fortnite, but it’s likely to be the next trend starter and set off a trend of sport themed e-sport titles with mass-market appeal.

The gameplay is buttery smooth, and the graphics are fun and inviting, they are not what I would call overly polished, but this is still early alpha, and anything could happen before the full launch.

The character creator offers a wide array of body types and skin tones; however, the face selection is limited.

On this note, I feel it will be the cosmetics that allow you to set your character apart, right now cosmetics are purchased only with in-game currency, but that is sure to change upon release.

Living up to its potential.

To truly succeed Roller Champions needs crossplay, without it you will see another dead on PC, thriving on Ps4 and somewhat-alive on Xbox One title, PC gamers have a vast selection of games to choose from, and one the matchmaking times slow even a little they migrate onto other games, with crossplay you will see the type of success enjoyed by Fortnite and Modern Warfare, both of which maintain healthy PC communities.

Another key to success is having an Epic partner, the crossover demographic between Roller Champions and Fortnite is insane, and choosing any store other than Epic Game store as the flagship PC store for this title would be business suicide.

The Future.

Roller Champions is a game to watch as we progress further into 2020, a possible genre-defining game, and one which will see mass-market success.


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