, Is HoldFast – Nations at War, Worth Playing ?

Is HoldFast – Nations at War, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

HoldFast – Nations at War is a surprisingly fun mil-sim title. While you won’t find the most serious players on public servers, regiments (clans) often host line battles for those who want to experience something more authentic.

A solid indie title, But Certainly not AAA

Everything about Holdfast screams its identity as a very polished and smooth indie title, but do not expect AAA level of polish or graphical quality here, its an unfair standard and one that HoldFast doesn’t meet, nor did it ever claim too.

Graphics are fair but repetitive, a whole new take on the term clone war, almost every player model looks to be related to the next, and while great care and attention has been paid to the uniforms, most heads are rather basic and serve a single function, to avoid having headless characters, as you need to rest a hat on something you know.

The Combat is extremely frustrating at first, as slow reloads, poor accuracy and short-range on paper do not make for a good time, however, once you learn how to utilise the system, you will find yourself landing some pretty impressive shots and feeling great about your contribution to the team.

Why so (not) Serious.

Most lobbies have around a 30% griefer/clueless population and often vast waves of players will hop or dance around instead of playing the game as it should be played, in some lobbies, almost half of my team stood in a circle punching each other. At the same time, the rest of us tried to complete the objectives, a game like this needs teamwork, and sometimes you just cannot get it from matchmaking/random server lobbies.

On the topic of server population.

While the average CCU is low, most congregate to a few active lobbies at any given time, and even at 4 am UK time I can find 2-3 near full lobbies to join.

That didn’t work so well.

The game revolves around players forming units, taking orders and working as a team, outside of a clan setting you can imagine just how badly this often goes, captains yell and prance about cussing, musicians play loud R&B through their VoIP.

Small groups try to lone-wolf it, it ruins a huge part of what makes the game so enjoyable, and at times it’s better to ignore VoIP entirely and find a group of randoms who at least are trying to play the objective and fight alongside them.

Worth a play?

It’s a great game if you are willing to commit the time to become good at it.

I wholeheartedly recommend joining a regiment to get the best out of the game, as its really meant to be played alongside likeminded people.


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