, Is Bastard, Worth Playing ?
Is Bastard, Worth Playing ?

Bastard is a fantastic retro CRPG decent looking visuals, a great throwback to the golden age of CRPG.

Easy to pick up and a struggle to put down, the story and world that has been created will keep you hooked until the very end, which is just as well, as the story is the main reason to play Bastard.

Simplistic Charm.

Everything about Bastard feels like a page ripped from the early 2000s/late 90s game design manual, I love how simple the overworld map is, how conversations take place in silence on text box like parchment, I am even in love with the conversation system which is more confusing than a Bioware game, where you earn authority and love of the populace by being a jerk, cutting tongues out endears the people to you apparently while saving a girl from being sold into slavery is a bad thing.

That Warm Feeling.

All the characters look to be created with the same character generator.

While there is an array of facial features/hairstyles, you can tell everyone is related somehow, honestly, I didn’t find it distracting, it made me nostalgic for when all games were like this, the console version of Kotor, for example, reused the same few dozen faces over and over, often multiple named/quest NPC in a room shared the same face/hair.

Not all Rainbows.

The tactical combat while functional is very very basic and serves more as a mechanism to move along the narrative than provide engaging battles, and that’s ok as the story is pretty good.

The world is full of myths, rumours, and legend that keep it entertaining.

Some of the characters avoid the pitfall of looking manufactured by a character generator, such as Brother Balthazar, but suffer a whole new problem, they look unintentionally hysterical, with clay-like faces and dull eyes, I honestly would prefer all the characters looked manufactured than possessed by a butter face demon.

In certain quests, you will encounter the same NPC in various villages who all give the same dialogue and interact with the same-named NPC, for example, three villages have an NPC called Andre who saw a certain someone ride out of town, as you search all the villages as the quest instructs you will encounter the same duo multiple times, each time giving the same information and triggering the same companion conversation.

Worth a Buy?

I feel those who want a solid indie CRPG will enjoy it, there are certainly better games on steam, but its priced fairly and worth a play for the story alone.

Due to the tiny CCU and presumably poor sales, I would not expect further updates, but what is there is functional and enjoyable, and well worth the price.

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