Covid-19 Delays

Hello everyone.

As anyone can see my activity these last few weeks has been low. I haven’t been able to keep up with my daily reviews, let alone to be able to get console reviews done.

This review draught will start to change from his week, like many people Covid 19 has caused immense disruption to everyday life, to get even basic food I have been forced to spend multiple hours a day looking for shops that were not stripped bare, coordinating with my elderly parents and housebound relatives to ensure they are supplied throughout the Lockdown etc.

As the Lockdown is now in effect and I like everyone else is doing my part by keeping off the streets, The tempo of reviews will increase back up to prior covid 19 levels, and in fact, a long-awaited top ten list will be posted by weeks end.

I have spent the weekend patching games and consoles, so yes we will see a return of Ps4 and Xbox One reviews, on that note tomorrow you can expect a Bleeding Edge review for Xbox One and Pc.

I hope everyone is keeping safe during this time. But no matter how horrific covid 19 is, there is a power far greater, The power of God, The Heavenly Father, you can read what Jesus said about the Healing Power of God here.




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