, Is Bleeding Edge, Worth Playing ?
Is Bleeding Edge, Worth Playing ?

Huh, Why Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves had a rough few months/the first year it was a niche title that few people spoke of, less played and overall it looked to be an idea that would die before it fulfilled its potential, then after a few substantial updates during the first 12 months the spark finally set the house ablaze, and Sea of Thieves turned into the powerhouse we have today, a game played by millions.

I would love to see Bleeding Edge become a serious contender to challenge Overwatch and Fortnite, but right now it’s not at that point, and without further refinement and evolution, it will never reach that point.

The Steam Curse.

Bleeding Edge is an Xbox game first and foremost, available on the worlds most popular game subscription service (gamepass) so of course millions of people will have access to it from there. However, steam community are deluded enough to think the small % of steam diehards who purchased there are the entire community, and that bleeding edge has died at launch, which is nonsense.

Yay for Crossplay!

Crossplay is enabled between Xbox, Microsoft Store, and Steam, and matchmaking is lightning fast even at off-peak hours.

How is the game itself?

Borderlands 3, Fortnite, and Overwatch had a baby and its a cute kid.

Bleeding Edge is powered by Unreal Engine, and as such it’s very familiar to anyone who has played Fortnite, the animations and models are very much what you would expect from an unreal engine game, the gameplay loop is almost a direct lift from Overwatch, with a heavy focus on objective-based modes, and finally, the world and hero aesthetics look like something from Borderlands 3.

Combined these elements make a silky smooth third-person hero shooter, that will appeal to fans of any of the above games, that being said the heroes are far from their cute Fortnite cousins and would appeal more to teens and up.

How does it Feel?

I found the controls simple to use, and the combat felt rewarding once I become used to the individual heroes and their special skills.

A well-coordinated team could use these skills to great effect, however when playing quick play, prepare to see everyone using their skills whenever they feel like it.

The maps I played were all some form of capture point/domination, which is very familiar to anyone who has played Destiny or Call of Duty.

The gameplay has a lot of mobility with items such as jump pads and hoverboards, and the terrain itself can be used as a weapon, such as forcing your rival into the path of an oncoming train or off the edge of a platform, the maps are built around these features and provide places of interest for ambushes or desperate defence.

Finally, heroes are divided into three categories, standard, recommended (easy) and advanced, allowing new players to feel less overwhelmed by the hero selection, which will undoubtedly grow in time and is already considerable.

Worth a Play?

Absolutely and with the Xbox Gamepass trial still going fort $1 it’s a great time to give it a go!

Xbox Game Pass.

Bleeding Edge, is part of Xbox Game Pass, an ever-growing catalogue of over 100 games that is a great way to try a whole smorgasbord of games, including day one access to all Microsoft first party titles, for just a few dollars a month.

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