The Basics of Becoming Rich in World of Warcraft #2

Its been a while since our last instalment, with the Covid-19 crisis my time has been occupied with real-world preparations, now with lockdown well underway we return to Azeroth and gold making.

There are hundreds of possible materials to farm in World of Warcraft, and it can be a little intimidating deciding what to farm for new gold makers, we will break down the process, and show you how to find your optimal market.

Decide What to Farm.

When it comes to farming items, three main factors must be considered, difficulty, availability, and sellability.


An item that only spawns from once every raid, and requires long and complex mechanics to reach may bring good gold, but if you can only gather 1-2 per hour is it worth it?

The same rule applies to level cap areas and mobs that can be time-consuming, highly competitive and difficult to farm efficiently, especially if you do not have access to a second account for multi-boxing, is it worth farming Nazjatar for Rubbery Flank? Or perhaps an old-world material would offer better gold per hour.

Availability & Sellability.

  • How Much Of The Material Is On The Auction House?
  • How Easy Is It To Farm?
  • Is Anyone Farming It?
  • Is There Any Demand For It?
  • How Much Will I Farm Per Hour?
  • How Much Will That Be Worth?
  • Is It Better To Sell The Raw Materials Or Craft Items And Sell Those?
  • Are The Craftable Items In Demand?
  • Is Anyone Else Selling The Crafted Items?

Decide How to Farm.

When it comes to crafting mat farming, some professions such as Mining and Herbalism are almost exclusively limited to open-world farms. However, Tailors & Skinners have access to a new deluge of materials by farming raid and dungeon trash mobs.

Often this is the fastest and best source of leathers and cloth, as well as a steady source of rare materials such as Primals, Volatiles, Blood of Sargaras and more.

Decide What to do Next.

Your farm was a success, and you now sit on a hefty stack of your chosen material, from here you can sell the material and let someone else handle the crafting, or you can think like a gold maker and look at WHY they are buying it, and then look at what would be needed to produce those items yourself.

By supplying your own materials, your costs will be lower and your ability to produce items not restricted by auction house supply.

Decide if the time/investment to level the craft profession is worth the effort, and then make your move, there is no shame in selling the raw materials. However, your profits will be far greater if you sell the final good.

On my server Savage Leather (8g) sells decent gold however sending the leather to my leatherworker and producing Heavy Savage Leather(90g) nets me a tasty 18g per Savage Leather!

I hope this guide helped you on your way to wow self-sufficiency.

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