, Is Last Oasis, Worth Playing ?

Is Last Oasis, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Donkey Crew’s, White Elephant.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, Kings and Men was an unmitigated disaster, and while not all the fault may rest with Donkey Crew, part of it most certainly did, the lack of communication and development was appalling.

I, like many others, was hesitant to trust them again, having purchased four copies of Kings and Men based on their original trailer, which showed open-world, crafting and role-play elements, the poorly thought out arena mode we received was far from what was promised.

That being said, this time Donkey Crew seemed determined to make amends and release a far better product, and while it is not a perfect product, the potential is there.

Terrible Start, Decent Product.

Like a Petty dictators rocket test launch, Last Oasis soared into the heavens.. for a very short time before imploding awkwardly and taking the servers offline, for roughly six days while Donkey Crew scrambled to fix backend issues that resulted in massive and at impossible log in times.

The silver lining to all this, these issues come to light due to how popular Last Oasis was during the first few hours following launch, it’s a good game, with a large player-base, and most people could see that potential right away.

, Is Last Oasis, Worth Playing ?

Early Days, Great Potential.

Last Oasis is finally back online and has remained stable, with solid framerates, smooth servers and very little in the way of latency things are looking up for the survival sandbox.

It’s not better than any of the current survival sandboxes, I find it most similar to Atlas, and I honestly find Atlas a whole lot more fun to play.

Last Oasis, however, is more enjoyable than Atlas was at launch. If it follows a similar trajectory to Ark Survival Evolved, Rust and Conan Exiles, it will truly become something very special as it sees more development.

The gameplay cycle feels close to a more polished Worlds Adrift, and players who enjoyed Worlds Adrift will find many similarities here, such as the ship-like walkers, focus on exploration, and the grappling hook, one of my favourite features in Last Oasis.

The combat system is focused around melee weapons, and walker mounted weapons, this both looks and feels great, as very few survival games put much emphasis on melee, it has given Last Oasis a niche to grow into and expand upon.

Mad Max, Meets Planet of the Apes.

, Is Last Oasis, Worth Playing ?

The art style employed by Last Oasis is refreshing, Woodpunk is an aesthetic rarely seen, and it works well, character models are miles ahead of Kings and Men, and core skin tones and both sexes are represented, something Kings and Men lacked.

One area where the world of Last Oasis lacks variety is enemies. Mostly you face Rupu (monkeys) of various classes and abilities.

While the combat feels great and the Rupu can put up a decent fight for AI, overall combat against AI soon feels stagnant.

PVP is where the bulk of Last Oasis content and enjoyment can be found, if you do not wish to partake in raids, skirmishes and epic chases with other players, then Last Oasis is not the game for you.

While solo play is possible, you are severely hampering yourself if you do not join an active clan/guild.

Worth a Play?

Yes, but you must understand its still early access and is a very heavy PVP focused game, solo players and pve players will be griefed, zerged and camped.

PvP is working as intended, and any major changes to this it would result in the games decline and eventual death.

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