, Is Final Fantasy VII, Worth Playing ?
Is Final Fantasy VII, Worth Playing ?

Final Fantasy VII Remastered is not just for fans of the original, newcomers to the series will find themselves swept away to a magical world that feels both familiar and alien all at once.

A Newcomer to the Series.

I have been aware of the Final Fantasy Series for decades, and have purchased every single Final Fantasy game on Steam.

Yet, despite my interest in the series, each of them remains unplayed in my backlog of 1000+ games.

However Final Fantasy 7 is something I have heard about since its original release I remember as a child wondering what the game would be like, and having key moments spoiled by randoms on forums and chatrooms, finally, 20 years later I get to experience the story in what is perhaps its ultimate form.

Swole Final Fantasy 7.

Unlike the original, Final Fantasy 7 is being stretched into what could be the longest game narrative in history, eclipsing even the Witcher 3 and its impressive 100+ hours, with the Final Fantasy 7 narrative being split into multiple 30-40 hour-long titles, it’s not hard to imagine the final narrative will run for 120+ hours.

The first instalment alone stretched the city-state of Midgar (4-5 hours in original Final Fantasy 7) into a whopping 40-50 hour adventure, I can only imagine how long some of the other regions will be stretched.

, Is Final Fantasy VII, Worth Playing ?

From the very first seconds of the game, the eerie familiarity and haunting score set the mood, it feels like what our world could become if only some things played out differently.

We are first introduced to the flower seller, Aerith Gainsborough during the introduction, and despite saying not a single wor,d something about the mysterious young woman causes us to want to know more about her, the developers have used every bit of power that the PS4 can produce create a world that feels vibrant and inviting, I found myself captivated by the world and its inhabitants.

The Classic JRPG Party.

The rest of the party you are introduced to are varied, and each has their own personality, abilities and quirks.

Honestly, I find the protagonist Cloud Strife to be a little on the pretty/skinny side, but I have come to accept that is how JRPGs like their leading male hero to look.

I prefer the look of wannabe Mr T aka Barret Wallace, his gruff mannerisms and terrifying mood swings make me grin like an idiot every time he speaks/rants.

I just hope he secretly likes Cloud despite his strange mannerisms and tendency to zone out at the worst moments and inwardly pities the fool!

, Is Final Fantasy VII, Worth Playing ?

Stunning Graphics and Audio Design.

The care and attention to detail that has gone into Final Fantasy VII, is astonishing, with graphics and sound design both feeling equally good, and English voice acting that is on par with/better than any major western studio release, the world is easy to be immersed into and hard to leave.

I am honestly dreading reaching the end of the journey, as it’s so beautiful I wish it could go on forever.

Immersive Combat.

The combat in Final Fantasy VII is close to an art form, with beautifully combined action and command-based combat, boss battles feel fast-paced and exhilarating, and while combat against lesser foes is fine, it’s boss/mini-boss battles where the system truly shines.

Bosses/mini-bosses each have their own mechanics, which vary from basic avoidance stages to more complex combination of party member attacks, such as staggering a foe with lighting spells, before targeting select components with a ranged attack, to weaken its melee defences.

It’s a very well thought out system that fans of Final Fantasy, JRPGs or party-based role-playing games will immediately fall in love with.

Worth a Buy?

Very much worth buying, and while a PC release is coming eventually, I fully recommend grabbing it now on Ps4, as honestly its soo good it’s not something you should wait a year or more to play.


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