, Is DeadSide, Worth Playing ?
Is DeadSide, Worth Playing ?

DeadSide is not H1Z1 Just Survive, however of all the post-apocalyptic survival games on the market, it bears the strongest resemblance to the long-deceased open-world survival mode of H1Z1.

Looks Gorgeous.

Few early access rival games look this pretty, the world looks vibrant and alive and utilises the powerful Unreal Engine 4 to its fullest potential.

Character models look pretty good for an early access game, however, releasing without female player models is a huge mistake,e over 60% of the most die-hard fans of Just survive I know are female gamers, and excluding 50% the human race from a game which is perfect for role players, a sub-genre that attracts many couples is not only a poor business design, its close to disastrous in the long run.

Manbabies try to pretend that not having a character to match your gender doesn’t matter, but the second a game launches with a female player character instead of a male they meltdown and cry SJW agenda.

No, it’s not an SJW Agenda.

Being represented by your correct gender never matters till you are not represented.

As most games offer male characters long before female characters, its no wonder female gamers are getting tired of being second class citizens constantly and having to ask for something male gamers almost never have to even think about, being able to play as a character that at least somewhat represents them.

In 2020 it’s inexcusable to launch a survival game without playable male and female characters, as the survival genre above all others attracts the largest and most diverse player base.

While I must point out the developers have wisely included multiple skin tones, race representation is only half of the battle

, Is DeadSide, Worth Playing ?

Runs Smooth.

While some lag is to be expected, I encountered very little lag while on official servers, I will note however several UK/EU servers have worse ping than east coast USA servers, which is odd considering I am based in the UK.

Feels Constricted.

The maps of Dayz and H1Z1 felt too big at times; a walking simulator with a little more danger best describes how they can feel at times.

Having spent six hours on DayZ, I saw just two people on my travels, despite the server being full.

DeadSide has a far smaller map that can be traversed in under 10 minutes in any direction, and while it’s a fair-sized map, vast stretches of it are little more than open fields and forests.

I feel DeadSide over addresses the “too big” map issue, Deadside has taken the reverse stance to the extreme, you run into people far too often, and the world feels constricted and overcrowded.

A balance between the two extremes would be fantastic, but so far no survival games outside Ark Survival & Conan Exiles have managed that successfully.

, Is DeadSide, Worth Playing ?

A rewardingly unrewarding experience.

Combat feels far better than in most survival games, the weapons are great looking and feel weighty, something many early access games lack.

Ammo is not too hard to come by, and gone are the days of H1Z1 where you spend 60 minutes trying to find a single shotgun shell, within a  few minutes of spawning in DeadSide you will have at least one weapon and if you are lucky a full arsenal at your disposal.

Crafting is basic but feels good, and for a fan of Just Survive, it hits all the right notes.

The gameplay experience, however, is unrewarding, from my own experience and that of watching others it seems every server is full of murder hobos, who open fire without so much as a single word.

And no I am not saying this because I suck, I have taken down half a dozen players in 30ish minutes, always in self-defence, defeating the murder hobos is not the issue.

The issue is I would have however enjoyed a little more interaction than simply being shot at, and returning fire.

Games like Just Survive and DayZ at least have plenty of meme-worthy player interactions, so far Deadside seems to be little more than a murder hobo simulator.

Worth a Play?

If you want a reasonably priced, polished, and very active combination of Dayz and Escape from Tarkov you cannot go wrong, however both Dayz and Escape from Tarkov are better games in their own focus areas.

In Conclusion.

It’s a good game that with time will improve even more, but I cannot honestly say its a brilliant game or one that I would choose to play very often, as frankly the loot > kill/be-killed > respawn cycle just doesn’t feel rewarding without player interaction.

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