, Is Far Cry Primal worth playing in 2020?
Is Far Cry Primal worth playing in 2020?

Far Cry Primal is one of the most bizarre and unique breaks from the norm in any series, and that’s saying a lot for a franchise which has also been to Mars, Cyberpunk 1980s, Vietnam and The Zombie Apocalypse.

While its other trips from the norm have been diverse and at times fantastical, they all share a common bond, and that bond is guns, from laser rifles to sawn-off shotguns, each game has maintained a vast arsenal of firearms, that is except Far Cry Primal.

It’s a refreshing, if not jarring break from the series that starts slow and grows on you.

, Is Far Cry Primal worth playing in 2020?

Perseverance is required.

The start of Far Cry Primal is tedious, rabbling cutscenes full of a fictional primal language, ugly characters, basic weapons, and quests which feel more like chores.

I feel it takes around 2-3 hours of playtime before the game starts getting interesting as you recruit more and more Wenja and gain access to their weapons and craftables the game comes alive, raids on enemy camps are as fun as ever.

The ability to tame pets is a nice role-play element that also provides benefits such as increase vision, auto-tagged enemies and more.

I found after a few hours that I had grown accustomed to having to read subtitles for every conversation and the story had caught my attention.

The slow start guides one of the better open-world narratives and its very much worth a playthrough.

, Is Far Cry Primal worth playing in 2020?

Beautiful yet Ugly.

The graphics of Far Cry Primal hold up very well in 2020, and I never found them offputting or dated, to the contrary I found that they still looked fantastic at ultra settings and would not be disappointed if a game released in 2020 looked this good.

The character models are of exceptionally high quality, and the world itself looks majestic and wild, the exact vibe a game like this needed.

The character design, however, while well suited to the narrative are all hideous, twisted yellow teeth, terrible haircuts, scars, bulging eyes and missing limbs are offset by the fact everyone seems to be drenched in blood and dirt 24/7, I have never seen a game that uses blood so liberally as FarCry Primal, its literally on most enemy NPCs before combat even begins.

, Is Far Cry Primal worth playing in 2020?

I don’t miss Guns.

By the time you have recruited a few experts, your arsenal of bows, spears, clubs shards and poisons is large enough that you don’t miss the ever preset AR15 everyone and their mother uses in every open-world game as their go-to weapon.

Combat is smooth and challenging, and the vast array of wildlife and human NPCs require you to continually adjust your loadout.

Vehicles have been similarly replaced with mounts such as mammoths and sabretooth tigers, and while they lack the speed of their modern world counterparts, you can not deny riding a mammoth into battle is far cooler than driving an SUV.

Worth a Play?

I love it, and honestly wish I had played it much sooner, a fantastic addition to the Farcry series, and one which I would like to get a sequel.

Very much worth a play for fans of open-world games, or those wanting to try something a little different.

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