, Is Predator Hunting Grounds, Worth Playing ?

Is Predator Hunting Grounds, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC Playstation 4

Predator Hunting Grounds is a bog-standard co-operative shooter that is elevated by its IP and the Predator mechanics.

Let’s be honest.

Without the Predator IP this game would never see the light of day, the graphics while impressive do not make up for the fact it’s a bog-standard co-operative shooter with very little in the way of unique locations or originality.

The AI, while far smarter than their open beta siblings present little challenge and only the very worst of fireteams, will be unable to overcome them. I often find myself being able to clear entire bases alone while my team of randoms get lost, fall off cliffs or end up as belt decoration for the Predator.

The added aspect of the Predator elevates this game from mediocre to majestic. I find myself scanning the treeline continually looking for a flicker of movement, every moment I feel as if the Predator could be watching me.

, Is Predator Hunting Grounds, Worth Playing ?

To Catch Sight of a Predator

Players who opt to play as the Predator have an impressive and deadly array of weapons and abilities at their disposal.

Playing as the Predator feels like being able to play as the raid boss in your favourite MMO, shrug off bullets like flies and laugh at the puny human commandos efforts to escape death at your hands.

Predator player will combine stealth and heavy attacks to down their opponents, but should not grow too cocky. Focused firepower will bring you down if you are not careful.

Yes, Progression!

Far too many good games fail due to a lack of reason to play, Predator Hunting Grounds addresses this by having some pretty impressive reasons to level up your fire time and Predator, access to new fireteam/predator classes, customization options, heavy weapons, and a wide selection of optional gear is all tied yo your level.

Each weapon has a similar upgrade path, with higher-level weapons gaining access to additional benefits such as advanced scopes and barrels.

, Is Predator Hunting Grounds, Worth Playing ?

Dynamic Mission Objectives.

While the physical selection of maps is rather limited, each map is spacious and feels like a self-contained open world.

Fireteam mission objectives are dynamically generated, and there is a decent selection to encounter from data retrial to assassination, upon completing objectives, fire teams must “Get to Da Choppa”, all the while being hounded by the Predator player, who will be making life incredibly difficult for fireteam players.


Choosing to go with Epic Game Store over Steam, and enabling cross-play with the PS4 ensures that Predator Hunting Grounds has a far better chance of longevity than any other route.

At the same time, it will be a niche game in the long term.

It will easily maintain numbers sufficient to ensure it receives a healthy future of DLC and updates.

Launch Week Woes.

A multiplayer-only game can suffer two cataclysmic issues during launch week, unstable servers and broken matchmaking, So far Predator Hunting Grounds has managed to avoid unstable servers.

Yet, its matchmaking is entire broken, with ghost lobbies, and excessively long queue times keeping thousands of players waiting 5-10 minutes to be placed into a lobby.

At the same time, players who are in open lobbies wait endlessly for players.

This is not due to a lack of players. Rather something has gone awry in the matchmaking, leaving lobbies seeking players and players seeking lobbies.

Worth a Play?

It’s a lot of fun and fairly priced for the amount of content and polish, I would, however, suggests it only to fans of the Predator or asymmetrical shooters, as for everyone else Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a better option.

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