, Is Daymare 1998, Worth Playing ?

Is Daymare 1998, Worth Playing ?

Platforms: PC

Daymare 1998 would be a fantastic free total conversion mod for Resident Evil 2, sadly it’s not a fan mod but a paid standalone title, and that is where the trouble begins.

Voice Acting.

I have played hundreds of indie games and voice acting is often subpar.. the voice acting in Daymare 1998 is truly something else, while some of the characters are passable, others.. and especially the female characters are terrible, calling it high school drama club calibre of acting would be generous.

On a related note, the dialogue sounds as if its a parody of itself, with long drawn out monologues that are so heavy on exposition they might as well break the 4th wall and tell the player what they had missed directly.

The distress call at the start of the game was a nuclear combination of a terrible female voice actress and awful dialogue. It destroyed any immersion I had in the game.


The quality of the models in Daymare 1998 are fairly good, and the maps themselves feel authentic to the Resident Evil design philosophy.

The real let down is lighting and textures, which make everything look terribly fake, and caused the maps to look like playsets and weapons to look like plastic replicas.

Animations are similarly clunky but would be very good for a fan mod, sadly Daymare 1998 is not a fan mod.

When playing Resident Evil 2 remaster you never know which zombie will suddenly spring to life, in Daymare 1998 scenery and animated/sleeping zombies are of vastly different quality and its easy to spot which will sit up and try to bite you.


, Is Daymare 1998, Worth Playing ?

Mechanically it’s very close to a Resident Evil remaster, and in this area, the developers did a really great job at capturing the gameplay loop of Resident Evil, the greater emphasis on ammo realism is a nice touch, ammo is reloaded by the clip, and reloading too soon or too quickly will result in losing precious rounds, as any remaining ammo left in a clip is lost, if the discarded clip is not retrieved and manually refilled with bullets.

Worth a play?

Honest for me no, while its a great fan mod and tribute to Resident Evil, it just doesn’t feel retail quality.

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