Is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Worth Playing in 2020?

A sadder fate than it deserved.

Infinite Warfare was not embraced by the Call of Duty community, launching to weak player numbers it quickly lost a longterm sustainable player base.

Taking a look at Steamcharts, we can see that is launched to less than a 3rd of numbers that Call of Duty Black Ops III and Call of Duty WW2 enjoyed at launch, overall sold only half the total units that Call of Duty Black Ops III did, firmly placing a nail in the coffin of any possible sequels to the new era of Warfare.

On PC there is a small community focused around team deathmatch and the occasional domination match.

Overall matchmaking is slow and woefully unbalanced, placing rookies into matches with year four experts.

The Multiplayer modes while fast-paced and enjoyable do not feel like Call of Duty, being too disconnected from the rest of the franchise to have widespread appeal.

Don’t Do Drugs Kids!

I honestly do not know what infinity Ward were thinking when they designed the multiplayer mode.

Admittedly it’s entertaining in a zany type of way, but it just feels discomfortingly off.

While Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies, maintains a small but loyal cult following, I feel it lacks the immersion and “realism” that the Black Ops III Zombies mode offers.

The True Star of the Show.

The single-player campaign in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is stunning. I only wish it were longer, clocking in at around 6 hours, it feels on the short side.

The characters were deep, the dialogue was not only believable, but well written, the voice acting is of cinematic quality, and the narrative both well written and immersive.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has enough narrative weight to flesh out a full-length single-player title, and while it didn’t feel like a Call of Duty campaign, it certainly is one of the best sci-fi first-person shooter narratives to date.

Graphically it’s stunning, and I would in no way feel let down if a game in 2020 released that look and played as well as this did.

Worth a Play?

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is a fantastic first-person space shooter, with a unique single-player campaign, that is almost worth admission price alone.

While the community varies by platform, I would not purchase this expecting fast matchmaking and a wide selection of maps and modes, its come to the time of life when only the most popular modes and maps see activity, a state existence that all Call of Duty titles except Call of Duty Modern Warfare currently experience.

It’s still possible to get your monies worth of enjoyment from multiplayer in 2020, but expectations must be kept realistic.

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