Is Youtubers Life OMG worth playing in 2020?

A new Name, more of the Same.

Youtubers Life due to poor sales, botched channel releases and delays never saw the fulfilment of the promises made during its backer/early access stages, and for well over a year languished without update until the developers were about to release a second title (Esports Life Tycoon).

YouTubers Life then received a substantial update which served to a dual purpose, generate goodwill for the developer and advertise Esports Life Tycoon.

With the release of the rebranded Youtubers Life OMG, almost all of the original promises had been fulfiled, and the brief revival in interest insured the title received a string of small updates and events, the most recent of which is the Easter event in 2020.

With all four channels, Youtubers life finally feels a complete game, there is plenty of content, but that’s not always a good thing.

Not Quite right.


The gameplay cycle of Youtubers life is sadly tedious, with very little emphasis on the life sim elements, you spend most of your playtime waiting for things to upload, or completing small puzzle-like card games to create videos.

The way videos are created would be so much more enjoyable if there were a variety of minigames, such as the cooking and musical performance games were involved with creating a good video.

Another issue for me is the reliance on brinking copyright infringement, from the title of the game Youtubers Life, to the developer studio name U-Play (Uplay is the name of Ubisoft’s Launcher), while this brinking may not have been intentional, it gives the illusion of 1) being an official google/youtube product, and 2) being developed by Ubisoft, implying to less aware buyers the title is of far higher quality than the indie affair it really is.

Worth a Play?

If you already own YouTubers Life then it’s worth trying the free update/rebrand Youtubers Life OMG, however, if you do not already own the game, I do not see enough value in it to warrant a purchase.

While YouTubers Life OMG has a lot of content, it’s not the most interesting content, and there are better life simulations and business management games to invest your time and money in.

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