Is FarCry 3 Worth Playing in 2020?

Ageing Gracefully.

FarCry 3 is clearly a game from the last generation, and no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it will still be a pig.

Around the edges, FarCry 3’s age is starting to show, but honestly, it’s not that bad, and I find myself not noticing after a few moments of playing, the captivating gameplay loop more than makes up for the last generation graphics.

I would not be impressed by a game releasing in 2020 with this level of graphics, but I would not be put off by it either.

Due to being a last-generation title, most PC’s can easily run this at ultra settings, which still looks pretty good all things considered.

Slow Down Vaas.

FarCry 3 is one of the only games where I find myself needing subtitles, there are a lot of high and angry people, and while the voice acting is excellent, the combination of heavy accents, intoxication and whatever Vaas has going on in that melon of his can make following the dialogue difficult, especially during action sequences.

During several dream sequences, I found myself straining to hear what the visions were saying.

The audio balance seems slightly off, and while it can be adjusted, out of the box, it favours sound effects over dialogue.

Great FarCry Narrative.


FarCry games fall into a special category of narratives, they are not brilliant works of fiction on par with Lord of the Rings, but they are excellent in their own right, with an abundance of humour, action and well-written characters.

Farcry 3 is one of the better FarCry narratives and unlike the mixed reception of Far Cry 5 (which I personally loved), the fandom has widely embraced FarCry 3 as one of the best stories in the series.

The characters believe in a very Farcry/action movie way, a complete novice when given a knife and a motive can turn into an ultimate warrior over the space of a week, unleashing hellfire and fury upon entire private armies, this is core to the Farcry mythology.

Unless you can accept that with the amused shrug it deserves, you will find the story far fetched and at times unbelievable.

The Start of Something Special.

FarCry 3 is the start of the modern Farcry, with every title following it borrowing heavily from its formula, while later entries in the series have improved upon it, the base experience we get in Farcry 3 is very much worth playing, and any fan open-world shooters would be remiss not to give it go.

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