, Is Scum, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Is Scum, Worth Playing in 2020?

Platforms: PC

Scum is the survival game we asked for but didn’t want.

Survival gamers regularly ask for depth, complexity, immersion, stunning visuals, realistic survival mechanisms, and when Scum comes along ticking all those boxes, the players abandoned it en masse because it was not the gank fest murder hobo simulator they actually want.

On the flip sid eDeadside Launched as a murder hobo simulator and the same group flood to it, only to leave it en masse upon finding out it was not a deep and immersive survival experience they were hoping for.

Both are solid games in their own right, but overall the survival game community is entitled, needy, whiney and impossible to please long term.

Scum is the survival game we need, want it or not.

The core focus of a survival game should be survival, be it against the environment, players or flesh-eating zombies. The victory comes from living another day, not based upon how many newbies you murdered for their starts pants.

I have nothing against shooters and battle royales but can we try to keep KOs limited to those genres, please?

The thrill of a survival game is not knowing if you can trust the player who just stepped out behind you, knowing he is going to straight-up murder you takes away all of the fun and reduces it to just another shooter.

I want to Wear Zombie Pants.

, Is Scum, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Puppets(Zombies) in Scum feel more like un-living parts of the world when you kill and loot a puppet the drops are constant with what the puppet was seen to be wearing or carrying. This is a step above most survival games where you are pantless and need to walk past perfectly acceptable looking zombie pants only to loot a tin of tuna or a pair of sunglasses.

This designs philosophy extends to the entire game world, clicking a pile of logs will allow you to gather logs, fridges contain food, cars contain car parts and scrap metal and so on.

This is great and unlike games such as Population Zero where you walk past a mountain of stones looking for a stone that is lootable.

Where Do I Get a Crafting PhD?

The crafting in Scum is far more realistic than most survival games, focusing on combining crafted elements into different uses, such as combining a knife with a stick to make a spear, or shredding a shirt to cloth rags and scraps and then twisting those scrap into an improvised rope.

While this system can be frustrating at times, I feel in the long run it make the game far more immersive and allows for some fantastic roleplay.

I can imagine players taking on specific roles such a blacksmith, carpenter, cook etc, and providing services to their group/community.

The Future?

, Is Scum, Worth Playing  in 2020?

Scum has retained a small % of its original players,e but they are loyal, with monthly peaks or around 5k and daily peaks of 2.5-3k they have remained throughout the early access journey, Scum is a very complex game with systems that are far beyond any other survival game on the market, it is taking longer to cook in early access, but when it is done, the product will be far richer than any on the market.

Scum, however, may not ever see its launch peak again, as many of its original players were hoping for a Rust-like craft and murder hobo simulator and by the massive player drop off within first 30 days we can see Scum wasn’t the game for them.

There is a player base out there for a game like Scum, and it’s possible once the depth of its systems and mechanics are widely known, it could beat the launch peak again one day, but for now, I feel its best that all but the most patient fans wait till the end of the journey.

Scum still has a long way to go, but the progress made so far is very encouraging.

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