, Why even make games like Winter Magic Factory?

Why even make games like Winter Magic Factory?

Platforms: PC

When playing Winter Magic Factory, the first thought to hit me was, why do developers even try to sell “games” like this on Steam?

Connect four games were popular for a while on Facebook with non-gamers, and I get everyone wants to be the next Candy Crush, which has seen success worldwide for nearly a decade, that success was won however due to the high quality of the product, and it launched into a marketplace that is ripe with non-gamers and ultra-casual gamers.

Few serious gamer (who aren’t being sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends) consider mobile gaming as true gaming, and while I wouldn’t go as far to outright call mobile gamer, not true gamers, high-quality games on mobile platforms are few and far between

, Why even make games like Winter Magic Factory?

Winter Magic Factory offers none of the quality that made Candy Crush, a success, in fact, it’s one of the shoddiest looking games I have played in a very long time, without even the ability to play at resolutions larger than what appears to be 800×600 without awful sidebars.

Despite everything stacked against it, Winter Magic Factory chose to launch on Steam, a platform that is traditionally hostile to ultra-casual games and low-quality games, and with an all-time high ccu of 5 players, and a monthly average of 0.2 players, Winter Magic Factory clearly is not what gamers are looking for.

And it’s not only Winter Magic Factory, look at almost any connect 4/hidden object game, and you will find ultra-low player bases, almost empty/empty forums, while a handful of gamers may buy a game like Winter Magic Factory on a casual platform like Big Fish Games, it is baffling why developers keep trying to sell these types of games to a Steam audience who clearly do not want them.

Worth a Play?

For a connect four game it’s not awful, but there are certainly better ones to be found.

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