, Is Griftlands, Worth Playing ?
Is Griftlands, Worth Playing ?

Griftlands at first didn’t appeal to me when it first launched on Epic Game Store I gave it a hard pass, the art style and deck building nature of the game just doesn’t sound very interesting.

However, upon the second inspection, I decided to give it a go, what did I have to lose? With Epic and Steam both offering refunds, if I didn’t like it, I could just refund and move along.

An Acquired Taste.

The art style employed by Griftland is highly stylised, and it can be offputting at first, characters resemble the silver age of Cartoon Network, which for some I am sure is a huge selling point, for me however it was a huge off.

I really didn’t like silver age Cartoon network shows growing up, I could watch Flintstone and Jetsons till the cows come home, but Dexters Lab and all that comes after it, I never found at all interesting.

Looking paste my immediate dislike of the art style, I found the mechanics were good enough to keep my attention, after playing for a few hours, I found that far from disliking the art style, it had won me over, I was captivated by the character design, I looked forward to encountering new characters.

While the art style won’t be for everyone, I implore gamers to give it a try, as the attention to detail and diversity of character design really helps bring the world to life.

A surprisingly good RPG.

, Is Griftlands, Worth Playing ?

Griftlands while primarily a deck builder/roguelike title functions as a very acceptable RPG, the main venue of story progression is choice-based dialogue sequences, and both physical and mental battles (negotiations), functionally these play out very similar, and while they each draw from their own decks, the mechanics are basically the same.

Using cards earns XP, which in turn allows you to upgrade the cards with secondary and at times powerful sub traits, collecting multiple copies of cards in your deck is beneficial, as upgrades often force you to choose between 2 very good choices and at times choosing between a lesser reusable card, or a single-use vastly overpowered card, the proverbial ace up the sleeve.

Choices you make when talking to NPCs can also have sweeping effects on your story, with certain characters maintaining friendships and grudges with others, killing that bandit may just alienate a potential ally down the road or perhaps that sparing that same bandit will lead to a friendship, granting rewards like passive buffs that can radically improve your odds of survival and upgraded cards.

A rudimentary yet functional questing system rounds out the role-play features nicely.

Lol, manbabies.

Already the team manbabies have begun complaining that the first playable character Sal is fully clothed and has realistically sized hips and breasts considering her athletic nature and profession as a bounty hunter, I will never understand why some adult gamers want to be sexually attracted to a video game character, to begin with.

Worth a Play?

It’s an excellent game in its current state and considering it’s still in early access. I am excited to see what it will become by the time it reaches version 1.0.

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