, Is Torchlight 3, Worth Playing ?
Is Torchlight 3, Worth Playing ?

Torchlight 3 is not the game of the year, but it’s far better than the mostly negative review score on Steam, let us examine what makes Torchlight 3 a good game, and why steam forum/Reddit manbabies are ruining Gaming in 2020.

No Easy Way out.

Torchlight 3 is a fun romp while lacking the gritty depth of Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn it still manages to provide a fun ARPG experience; character models look fantastic, combat is fluid, loot is both varied and abundant, and overall its a solid entry in the series.

Unlike its predecessors, Torchlight 3 has launched during the golden age of whining manbabies, where even the slightest inconvenience is the end of the world, and if a games publisher is based from anywhere outside the USA, be prepared to be called P2W, with every fan of your game labelled a shill.

Steam/Reddit manbabies are a loud and obnoxious minority who feed on collective ignorance and misinformation.

Let’s look at the cycle of misinformation that creates the toxic culture we see in 2020.

Manbaby hates launcher/publisher > A random blogger/YouTuber who wants more ad revenue posts some unfounded claim such as game X contains spyware Y, or in their incompetence entirely misconstrues something as innocent as anti-cheat as being malware, groups of manbabies who lack critical thinking skills at the best of times are inclined to believe this lie, as it suits their narrative.

Manbabies proceed to spread this untruth/stretched truth/drawing the attention of the ill-informed/naive, and suddenly a “truth everyone knows”  is built entirely on a fabrication, such is the case with Torchlight 3.

Let’s break down some of the most common Lies and misconceptions around Torchlight 3.

, Is Torchlight 3, Worth Playing ?

Perfect World Will Ruin Torchlight 3.

They have owned majority shares in Runic games since shortly after Torchlight (1), they certainly didn’t seem to ruin Torchlight 1&2 considering how haters of Torchlight 3, have nothing but praise for its predecessors.

Majority Share Owners Don’t Control a company.

That’s funny, as these same manbabies seem to think even a minority shareholder (Tencent) somehow controls Epic Games, despite ignoring the fact Tencent’s single largest shareholder is South African, starting to look like you just hate all things Chinese.

Torchlight 3 Was a mobile port.

No, it literally never was a mobile game, now this is a tricky one, as once proof has surfaced of the incorrect nature of their accusations, some of the more determined trolls have changed their message to “we knew it wasn’t really a mobile port, it just looks like one” that’s not what you said buddy, admit you are wrong, and move along.

Perfect World Ruins Everything!

It seems Steam didn’t get the memo, as all of their other offerings rest above 70% positive, with all but one above 77% and two above 83%.

They Kill off Games!

Good Companies, kill of hopeless projects to ensure the company in a good position, if everyone who hates on Perfect World for closing Gigantic, actually played the game perhaps it would have managed to have more than a few dozen players online.

On the flip side, they have maintained some projects far beyond they should have, such as the rather average Champions Online.

A business needs income to survive; only bad businesses keep failed projects running indefinitely.

Torchlight 3 has no content.

Torchlight 3 is Early Access; of course, it doesn’t have all its content? Why did you even expect it to?

Torchlight 3 Had a Bad Launch.

Wow, an MMO-like game that had launch issues, call the papers this is breaking news right here… it’s only happened with almost every MMO/online launch ever.

Why is this bad for Gaming as a whole?

Liars and Trolls do nothing to improve the gaming scene; they are choking out all possible innovation, every new game has cheerleaders foaming at the mouth for its demise, no wonder major publishers only throw Steam their scraps years after release, or abandon it altogether.

Steam is a vital part of the PC gaming ecosystem, but unless it brings the unsavoury elements of its community under control, we will be seeing less and less innovative games launching on the worlds largest PC storefront.

Back to Torchlight 3.

, Is Torchlight 3, Worth Playing ?

Perhaps Torchlight 3 will survive this coordinated assault of stupidity and immaturity by Steam and Reddit users, it certainly has a fan base large enough to, but many games do not have the benefit of a pre-existing fanbase to fall back on.

Torchlight 3 isn’t perfect, it has issues that NEED addressing, if the game leaves early access with these issues/bugs then it should be rightfully be called out on it, but while it is still publically and clearly in Early Access, gamers literally have zero rights to expect a polished and feature-complete product, no honest person would.

Worth Buying?

Unless you are desperate for more Torchlight, I suggest waiting for the final release, its still very much an Early Access title.

Personally, I am buying it now, and waiting until its closer to release to sink serious hours into it, but your mileage may vary.

Right now it’s possible to get your money worth out of Torchlight 3, but there are more content-rich games available for the same price point for those who do not wish to help test and shape Torchlight 3 towards launch state.

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