, Is Barn Finders, Worth Playing ?
Is Barn Finders, Worth Playing ?

Barn Finders is a great concept that flounders in execution, from overuse of gross humour to offensive character stereotypes, it’s missing the mark and needs serious work to live up to its full potential.

The Good.

The concept of Barn Finders is a good one, people of all ages enjoy shows like Storage Wars, Antique Hunt, and Pawn Stars.

Barnfinders gives offers gamers the chance to bring the excitement of those shows right to their living room.

Graphically the game looks fantastic, and while the character designs are awful, the character modelling is on par with other similarly priced I Indie games.

I will point out that the locations you explore are of higher quality than the characters you encounter; this feels little jarring but is not insurmountable.

Technically the gameplay loop is very good, combining hidden object, simple puzzles, basic economics and platforming to create a very enjoyable gameplay cycle, that while won’t keep you entertained indefinitely, will ensure you get your money worth.

The Bad.

I am not sure who the publisher was aiming for, but they certainly missed the target markets by combining gameplay that is better suited for non-gamers, casual gamers, middle-aged gamers, and older mostly female gamers who are the most dedicated demographic for the genre of tv show Barn Finders is mimicking, and gross humour and fart jokes.

The number of belches, farts and sexual references (including used/dirty sex dolls)  I encountered in the first 30 minutes, assured me that their core target demographics would not find the jokes amusing when overplayed to this degree.

If the game was targeted at 12-year-old boys then sure, they find this type of stuff funny, but that’s about the only demographic who do.

The Ugly.

, Is Barn Finders, Worth Playing ?

I am not an SJW, but I do think at times even jokes can go too far, while Barn Finder’s piles on stereotypes for every race and culture, and they are an equal opportunity offender, the stereotypes present in Barn Finders are enough to make me feel uneasy.

The Black man looks like high, and he wears a rasta hat, the Rednecks all act inbred, the southern (possible) Homosexual is as campy as you can imagine, Asian women are stern and all business, with one of the main Asian characters literally being called Lady Dragon.

I am sure if I carry on I will find the money-grabbing Jew, drunk Irishman, mean Scotsman, cowardly Frenchman, and lying Arab stereotypes or others that are equally offensive.

I understand the need for humanity not always to take themselves seriously, but when you try this hard to offend people as a form of comedy, it shows you don’t have much else to offer.

Worth a buy?

While it has some good points and is a very solid game mechanically and graphically, I feel the bad outweighs the good.


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