, Is Fortnite Battle Royale Worth Playing in 2020?
Is Fortnite Battle Royale Worth Playing in 2020?

Minecraft Good, Fortnite Bad, the meme and amount of disregard Fortnite gets from the Reddit Hivemind would lead you to believe Fortnite is dead, dying or barely hanging on.

As with most stances the Hivemind take,s they are entirely incorrect.

How Large is the Playerbase?

Its seriously large, and possibly the largest active gaming community in the west, in 2019 alone it grew by one hundred million new players, and events like Travis Scott saw a congruent player count of over 12 million players.

The most recent event capped out at 12-12.5 million with the overflow of 8 million players forced to watch via streamers, think of its, over 20 million people were watching the Device event in June 2020?

How is Development Going?

Like all projects in 2020, Covid-19 has slowed down Fortnite’s development slightly, but the tangible effects are felt more in small delays, than lack of substance, the latest season has brought a greatly modified map, new mechanics, greatly improved the AI of henchmen and introduced marauders, squads of Bots that roam the map hunting players, killing them will reward you with high tier weapons, however killing them is not all that easy, as unlike human players they think and act in unison.

It’s still entirely possible to solo the squad, but you will most likely get hit by a few rockets as you do so!

2020  has also seen the arrival of the violence-free mode, Party royale, with live events by celebrities, racing, roleplay, puzzles, mini-games etc., I would love to see them really expand on this, and create a “Mario party” like aspect to the game.

Considering how the very popular third mode (Creative) started life as a Battle Royale mode called Playground, its possible we will see Party Royale split into its own dedicated mode sometime in 2020-2021.

Ever-Expanding Reach.

Fortnite continues to grow not only in numbers, but also status, with live concerts, premieres of new singles, trailer premieres, and sometime during summer 2020, the first live screening of a feature-length movie.

We also see major franchises and celebrities partnering up with Fortnite for special events and in-game cosmetics such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and major streaming and musical personalities.


Fortnite continues to innovate, Chapter 2 has brought us a far deeper emphasis on dynamic story, with NPC factions and creatures adding a PvE element to the battle royale, unlike the controversial zombies/husks (which I personally loved) these AI are mostly restricted to their dedicated points of interest, and the mythic quality loot they drop is a balanced reward for the challenge they provide.

Midas Barrel gun in Season 2 was, a monster, Midas could chew up a whole squad if they were not paying attention n, for those who downed Midas, his Mythic barrel gun and the loot of his vault was theirs for the taking, a single vault often containing enough shields, health and weaponry to kit out a squad.

The Risk matched the reward, and its added an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay, do you risk letting someone else grab the mythic weapons? Or do you risk being downed by the AI mini-bosses who fervently protect their weapons and bases?

Worth a Play?

Fortnite is one of the most important games in history, it has proven a free to play title can become a worldwide phenomenon without resorting to pay2win elements, it pioneered crossplay and partnership, given us more celebrity crossovers than any game before it, heck even Mark Hamil played Fortnite once, and he hasn’t gamed since the Sega Genesis!

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