The Last of Us, Is Last of Us Remastered, Worth Playing in 2020?
Is Last of Us Remastered, Worth Playing in 2020?

June 2020 saw the release of Last of Us 2, but that doesn’t mean that Last of Us is not worth playing in 2020, let’s take a look at how this classic of the PlayStation 3 era holds up in 2020.

This review is based on the Last of Us Remastered for the PlayStation 4.

Ageing Gracefully.

Last of Us Remastered looks its age, while it’s still very possible to get immersed into the story and characters, cutscenes especially betray just how old the engine is, despite the remaster offering higher quality textures than the original, it is still very much a PS3 game, all albeit a very good looking one for its age.

Mechanically it has faired a little better, combat is smooth, and while it’s missing some of the quality of life improvements, we have come to expect from PS4 games, overall it’s an enjoyable experience.

One of the most glaring earmarks of its age is the frequent puzzles that require moving a crate to reach a higher area, the puzzles are almost meme level when it comes to Naughty Dog games, and while I am a huge fan of Naughty Dog games it’s almost as bad as Ubisoft, and their Tower climbing segments, thankfully by the middle of the current generation both developers have left these aspects behind, and only employ them as an inside joke, such as a character complaining about why they need to move so many crates or climb so many towers.

A story worth telling.

Like all PlayStation exclusive narrative games, the story they tell is very much worth exploring, with rich characters, well-constructed environments and realistic dialogue, you will find yourself whisked away to another world.

Last of Us in no way falls short of the very best the genre has to offer, I will point out however that the optional DLC “Left Behind” would have made much more sense if it was encountered as part of the main narrative, it feels like its cut content would be even more immersive if it was part of the narrative of the main game.

Watch your language.

While the dialogue is excellent, and the story pacing fantastic the amount of profanity is bizarre, no sane/sober person swears as often as Ellie and Joel, often dropping multiple F-bombs per minute, this is a problem with Naughty Dog games in general, and while I love the stories they tell, and the characters they create, the dialogue would be more realistic if the profanity was toned back a little.


Despite its age, the multiplayer mode factions is hopping, and I was able to find full lobbies within 5 seconds even off-peak, considering Last of Us 2 will bring no multiplayer mode to the table, it’s likely it will continue to do well for a few more years at least.

Worth Playing?

It’s one of the most immersive and emotional single-player narratives I have ever experienced, the security of ammo elevates the combat beyond a simple third-person cover shooter to something else entirely, with every bullet worth its weight in gold, you must consider every shot and its implications.

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