, Is Battle vs Chess, Worth Playing in 2020?
Is Battle vs Chess, Worth Playing in 2020?

Battle vs Chess is a decent attempt by Targem Games to make chess something more interesting than sliding pieces around a board, the problem is they didn’t succeed.

While the fairly high quality of character models look great for their age, they do not make up for the laggy animations and sluggish gameplay, once the novelty of seeing the character battle wears off, there is very little left of substance.

Credit where Credit is due.

Surprisingly the developers have managed to include some new mechanics such as a single-player campaign, which for anyone who plays chess games will tell you isn’t that easy, Chess is a 1500-year-old game and it providers almost no wriggle room for innovation in games.

Not much of a Tale to Tell.

As to be expected, the narrative is wafer-thin, and is summed up as good guys good, bad guys bad; it was so generic it almost felt like it wasn’t worth including.

I would have preferred if the development resources were put into optional armies/sets such as dwarves, elves or goblins.

Hello is anyone home?

The player base is almost non-resistant, most of the day it hovers in the upper single-digit, and at daily peak times, it breaks into the very low teens.

Occasionally it has a bizarre surge of activity, which I can only assume is bots or related to card drops, as for a game to bounce between 12 CCU and 10k, and then back to single digits is not the normal ebb and flow of gameplay.

Dressing for Battle!

The queens, however, are tacky and look like a parody version of real characters, with ample exposed breasts and revealing outfits.

I feel the grossly oversexed models lower the overall taste/standard of the title, as otherwise, all the character models look fantastic.

Worth a Play?

Honestly aside from the novelty factor, there is no reason to play Battle vs Chess in 2020.

I personally suggest those looking for a high-quality chess title try Chess Ultra instead.

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