, Is Ghost of Tsushima, Worth Playing?

Is Ghost of Tsushima, Worth Playing?

Platforms: Playstation 4

Ghost of Tsushima is a fitting farewell to best selling console of the 8th generation, with all future Sony exclusives slated for PS5, let’s dive deep one last time.

A fitting Farewell.

Ghost of Tsushima, is one of the most engrossing singleplayer action roleplaying games of the generation, while the first few hours are sluggish, once it finds its footing, it becomes one of the best roleplaying experiences since Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

Ghost of Tsushima feels like the star wars game we have always wanted and never received, and while Jedi: Fallen Order is fantastic in its own right A gameplay loop similar to Ghost of Tsushima, and a story equally as grave would be perfect.

Jedi culture is very much based upon Samurai lore, and as such the story plays out like a feudal era Star Wars tale, with hulking evil lords, brave rebels, a wise mentor, and the constant the internal struggle between Honor (Light) and Shadow (Darkness) it feels more like Star Wars than most Star Wars games,

Perfectly Balanced.

, Is Ghost of Tsushima, Worth Playing?

I believe games of the 9th generation will be hard-pressed to match the beauty and near perfection of the melee combat found in Ghost of Tsushima, being able to switch forms mid-combat enhances what is already one of the most elegant systems I have ever seen.

Ghost of Tsushima, does not hold your hand and every enemy could easily kill you, that Mongol bandit is just as much a threat at hour 40 as he was at hour 1, if you stop thinking for a second you will end up impaled on someone’s spear.

Ghost of Tsushima, allows you to set your own limits, those who struggle with the combat, or are new to it can slowly pick away at the edge of a group before going in for the kill, those wanting to feel like a samurai can shout a challenge to the base, as take them all on, in an epic dance of death, perfectly timed parries and blocks will help to keep you alive, as you little away at the dangerous foes.

Unlike most roleplaying games, every mob is dangerous, there are no “bee sting” swings here, attacks hit hard, and that half-dead low-level spearman will finish you off just as efficiently as the Lord you are facing.

On the topic of Lords, the boss fights are fantastic, the combat alone is impressive when mixed with a cinematic score that would not be out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster, every swing of your katana feels meaningful.

An abundance of content.

, Is Ghost of Tsushima, Worth Playing?

Ghost of Tsushima, handles side quests correctly, they are abundant, well written, fully voiced and diverse enough to warrant playing, and most importantly they are entirely optional.

They are certainly worth doing for the legend increase and charms, but the main story can be completed without touching them, and that is how it should be.

Companion quests are semi-optional, with most only requiring you perform the first few steps of a quest chain before unlocking them for use in the main story, their stories can then be completed at any time, and are honestly worth playing for those who want to experience all Ghost of Tsushima, has to offer.

On The topic of companions, I love the characters Sucker punch have created, they are deep, rich and feel like actual human beings with flaws and scars, too often companions are a one-sided affair, with the clearly good and bad companions never straying from their assigned alignment.

In Ghost of Tsushima, companions act like human beings, sometimes good, sometimes bad, always relatable.

A story worth Telling.

, Is Ghost of Tsushima, Worth Playing?

Ghost of Tsushima, offers one of the most engrossing tales of what it means to be a hero in modern gaming, how much are you willing to lose to become the hero your people needs? Are you willing to stop being a hero to become that hero? Where does the line blur between a freedom fighter and a terrorist?

Ghost of Tsushima, addresses all of this and so much more, its one of the best stories of 2020, and while I personally find the narrative weaker than Last of us 2, its certainly a strong contender for second place.

Worth Playing?

Ghost of Tsushima, is magical, stunning, and breathtaking, you do not feel that you are playing a game, you feel as if you are Jin as the struggles to reconcile who he has to become, with who his people expect him to be.

10/10 a fitting send-off to the PlayStation 4, it makes me very excited to see what Playstation 5 has in store for us.


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