, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

A games lifespan is rarely cut and dry, between the thriving glory days and its eventual total demise, there is the twilight zone, a place where half dead games roam the night, struggling to fill lobbies, and diehard fans worship at the altar of their fallen game.

1) Deathmatch Classic.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Deathmatch classic is still alive as in its staggers out a gargle and gasp once or twice a day.

Honestly, time has not been kind to this Deathmatch Classic, with a player base of around 16 people remaining, and a max ccu of 8, Deathmatch Classic will continue to slowly gasp for life until the last diehards move on entirely.

The game boasts of a terrible camera system, and servers which work only rarely, trying to login to the game saw my gaming rig CTD about 16 times, with laggy and at times non-responsive -servers to lock up the launcher, all that’s left for Deathmatch Classic is to let go finally, and pass on the throw rug and china tea set to the grandkids.

While Deathmatch Classic was a semi-important part of gaming history, it’s not the powerhouse Quake, and Doom was, and rightly deserves to quietly slip away into its eternal slumber.

2) Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Like a Star, burned out before its light is truly known.

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball is not only solid but exceptionally so, with a balanced approach to graphical and mechanical quality, yet for all its greatness the game is dead, dead to the point any real chance of finding players is limited to discord and friend lists, how could a game this good fail?

The game is the best Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball game there is, sadly there are no others, and while most of those who played it reviewed favourably, it simply wasn’t enough to inspire players to try a genre which was pretty much this title.

Only if you have friends to play with or don’t mind needing discord to arrange games, and honestly the player-base is unlikely ever to grow much, if at all.

3) OnRaid.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

For a mostly positively reviewed game with such a huge potential for fun, the tiny CCU of OnRaid is not only a shame but a great shame the game plays incredibly fast, combat is simple and snappy and while its nothing to call home about even, the single-player mode provides some form of entertainment.

Looks like Rayman plays like Call of Duty.

Alright that is a little bit of an exaggeration but both elements are present the combat is fast and frantic, with quick re-spawns the whole thing just feels so good, mixed with a zany art style made famous by games like Rayman, overall I would have thought considering the games original low price followed by free to play the game would have been much more accessible.

While the CCU is tiny, it’s free, so might as well enjoy it now while you can, as I doubt it will be around too much longer without some serious growth.

4) Dropzone.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Dropzone was a profoundly average Moba, it did nothing poorly or frankly.. excellently.. it cruised along for a while in a  mediocre existence, but even that too had to end, while the graphics, sound, skills, combat are all on par with the genre, Dropzone brings nothing new to the genre, and with Free games like Dota 2 and League of lends a paid, tiny population Moba with no real player base was doomed from day one.

The average ccu has not broken into double digits in almost a year with a 24 hour peak of 8 the game is indeed dead, there is a single-player mode, which allows you to skirmish with bots, honestly to me playing a MOBA with bots is about as exciting as watching paint dry, no matter how good the bots AI is, its never the same thrill as PvP combat.

The game is dead, and the Dev’s have rightly moved onto a new project, while people like to attack devs for leaving games behind, they have to eat too, and DropZone while a dead duck, does not taste good with orange sauce.

5) World of Diving.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

The idea of a co-op diving game that inst based around combat is a solid one, there are too few diving games as there is, and taking away the competitive pvp or story-driven games, and you are left with a handful of indies, so world of diving looked to be a big fish in a small pond, the graphics while dated are fair, the animations are decent underwater, terrible on land.. but that is more to do with its unfinished state, there are a reasonable selection of diving suits and gadgets, and the maps are actually well made and feel immersive.

So why is this game a failure? The answer is the developers, they have vanished, not fulfilling their promises, development has come in fits and starts since 2014, and even that shaky development disappeared in 2017, with little chance of a return its clear they have left this fish to flounder.

Should you play World of Diving? No, while the game is alright, you shouldn’t reward bad behaviour, we were all baited, and the game wasn’t the catch we hoped it would be, in fact, it pretty much sunk.

I hope you appreciated the nautical puns.

6) Tooth and Tail.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Tooth and Tail is very much what you would expect from a very streamlined RTS, you build and protect resource gathering buildings, raise armies, defend your base while attacking the enemies base, everything is very fast and matches are not meant to last very long, this in itself is nice, as many times RTS multiplayer games can be a very long time commitment.

The Art style and music are very retro and give the game a nice feel, the controls are straightforward, and overall the developers have produced a well-polished title, the single-player is nothing special, the story is cute but rather weak, and mostly serves to introduce gameplay mechanics.

The multiplayer community thrives around and close to free weekends, but outside of those times you are looking at a peak global ccu of 35-90 players, it’s a great game to play with friends or arrange matches via discord, but matchmaking will be slow and often unbalanced.

Is it worth buying? not full price no, it already been bundled and that didn’t raise the CCU by any real measure, I suggest waiting for a sale or trying it at one of the free weekends before you purchase the title, its good but not for everyone.

7) Card Life.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

The graphics are clear and crisp, the controls simple to learn, the design system is top-notch, the ability to design any tool in any shape, and even your own character can be drawn in a simple windows paint like format is excellent, the problem is that creative ability will give way to many people who are comprised of sexual organs to put it nicely, and a kid-friendly game could easily find itself not so friendly to kids after all.

While the CCU is undoubtedly very low, most likely sub 100 at best, steam charts shows the game as having none online, all the while I can see at-least 10 online in-game, so clearly a few more play than the 50 players at peak that steam chart shows, but it’s not many for certain, if you have an aversion to playing solo and don’t have friends to play with, it may be best to give this one a skip.

The game is entertaining, and the ability to design your own items and characters is something even Minecraft doesn’t offer, however, if you don’t overly worry about that aspect its better to buy Minecraft, a game which has proven it has sticking power for many years already and even more to come.

8) Battlesloths 2025.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Battlesloths 2025 is truly garbage game, with an awful premise, terrible animations, dismal graphics, and dated controls, combined these traits make it an unmissable indie title, and one which most fans of niche indie titles would enjoy.

I have said many times before, some indie titles are so awful to their core they become good again, and Battlesloths 2025 is one such title, its nothing to look at or write home about.

Still, I have fallen in love with it, the fast-paced, and poorly balanced combat is fun, its a fantastic party game and even playing with bots is enjoyable.

A game doesn’t have to be brilliant to be fun, and twerking sloths wearing traffic cone hats and wailing lightsabres is fun, Pc gamers need to stop taking ourselves so seriously, games are for fun, and being a Platnium XX Super Rank 1337 on generic shooter X isn’t any more impressive at the end of your life than being the very best twerking homicidal fashion-conscious sloth you can be.

If you have a good sense of humour and enjoy frantic fast pasted combat involving sloths, you will get a kick out of this game

The loading icon is a pole dancing sloth, just thought I would mention it…

9) Worms Reloaded.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

Just a pet peeve out the way first, I see several people calling this game a decade old, a decade is ten, not eight years.. with that being said Worms Reloaded is close to getting its gaming social security, is it any good eight years after release?

How does it play? It plays the same as almost every worms game since the 90’s decent fun gameplay with nicer looking graphics than the ’90s but honestly, its worms, if you like worms you will like this, if you don’t like worms you won’t like this.

How does it look? Worms have never looked or sounded this cute, with hats and accents the worms have never been more endearing, as you slaughter them with bananas and sheep, the map design is also fantastic as ever.

Anyone left? Oddly yep with a peak ccu of 80-85 there still enough for matches to be found, especially if you add friends who play the game, while the matchmaking isn’t fast. It’s still existent, which for a niche game that is nearly a decade old… (I said NEARLY don’t get excited).

Worth a buy? At full price? Not unless you are a huge fan of the franchise, its best to wait for it to be re-bundled again or pick up at a steam sale.

10) The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare.

, Top 10 Near Dead Games #1.

The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare never made much of a splash in the online multiplayer pvp scene, perhaps people felt it would be childish, maybe they expected an army man like game with a campaign, there could be a dozen or more reasons why such a solid title simply never generated a sustainable player base.

The combat is simple to pick up, yet a challenge to master, the maps are incredibly well made with many interesting mechanics, the combat is very reminiscent of Fortnite, having both been built on the same engine, fast-paced and snappy combat is something both games share.

There is a small community of 25-50 players who still play the game, and at peak you can find 1 or 2 lobbies to play in, yet don’t expect much more than that, with a monthly CCU of under 26 and a 3-month ccu high of under 90 the game will never have large-scale appeal.

Honestly as much as I like the game I cannot recommend it, if you feel you can find your lobbies via discord/steam and are ok with playing a few matches a week total, then it offers a pretty good low-cost form of entertainment, if you want more than that, I have to recommend looking elsewhere.

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