, Lets Talk About: The 8-Bit Armies Trilogy

Lets Talk About: The 8-Bit Armies Trilogy

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

The 8-Bit Armies Trilogy had a great start, and it looked like it would become a niche success, sadly, that was not to be the case.

Repetitive narratives, poor launch numbers, a rapidly dwindling player base and terrible AI, held back what could have become an enjoyable and competitive RTS.

8-Bit Armies.

, Lets Talk About: The 8-Bit Armies Trilogy

8-Bit Armies is where it all began, the first in the 8 bit RTS series, and its frankly ok, the rewards for completing bonus missions results in higher-grade rewards, such as more starting units for all future and replayed campaign missions.

The core problem with the 8-Bit Trilogy is those missions lose almost all challenge once you gain access to air units, the AI cannot fight off air attacks well, and it becomes a series of mop-up missions, without any real threat.

Some entertaining missions use non-standard mechanics, such as stealth or surgical strikes but mostly it’s a standard zerg vs zerg RTS game-play.

8-Bit Horde.

, Lets Talk About: The 8-Bit Armies Trilogy

8-Bit Horde took all that made armies enjoyable and made it better and removed most of the sucky grind that made armies at the time a chore.

8-Bit Horde was not without faults, and the campaign had plenty of filler missions, but overall the combat felt fresher, and the fantasy vibe was a lot of fun to play solo or with friends.

The story of the campaign almost identical to that of Armies, just with an added fantasy flavour.

The map designs were fantastic and scratched the retro fantasy itch.

Unfortunately, it suffered from the same poor anti-air AI that the original 8-Bit Armies offered.

8-Bit Invaders.

, Lets Talk About: The 8-Bit Armies Trilogy

8-Bit Armies is where it all began, In 8-Bit Horde it got better, and 8-Bit Invaders was just plain awful.

8-Bit Invaders brought nothing new to the series and seemed even to undo some of the significant changes that 8-Bit Horde brought, overall 8-Bit Invaders felt pointless.

The campaign was somehow able to be both a near-exact copy of the first game, and worse at the same time.

The AI once again was unable to utilise or counter-air units successfully.

Any Still Play?

The Online multiplayer for 8-Bit Trilogy is mostly dead, with the combined steam CCU for all three games struggling to reach 35 on a good day.

Considering all three games share a single matchmaking service, and cross-title play is supported, these are devastatingly poor numbers.

The console player numbers are not known, but if the PC (where RTS games are more popular) is anything to go off, it won’t be good.

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