About Me

Who am I?

I go by the name Bromwyneth (or Brom), not my real name but its been my nickname for over six years so might as well keep to it.

I have been into games since I first played my cousins Sega Megadrive (Genesis) at age 4 (1990), I remember finding the experience amazing, however it took another 3 years before I got a console of my own, the Sega Master system in its final years of clearance, followed by a Megadrive of my own the following year, building up my collection to 5 or so dozen games i played the daylights out of it till My first Playstation in 1998.

From there I moved onto PS2 and Xbox, before leaving consoles behind (apart from a Wii for family party games) and moved to PC gaming on my old Windows 1998 pc, over the years a string of newer but still budget PC kept me from drinking too deeply of the PC game pool.

In 2010 I purchased my first of 3 gaming PC’s upgrading every few years I now enjoy all the latest titles, the days of consoles seem long ago.

Why am I doing this?

I believe that today more than ever the gaming review scene is too partisan, From reviewers in the pocket of publishers to clickbait driven reviewers who only wish to cause drama and controversy, a lot of highly reviewed games aren’t as good as they appear, and many games and publishers who have been labelled as “greedy or evil” are not as bad as they are portrayed.

I never write a review to jump on the bandwagon, nor just to play devil’s advocate, I call them as I see them, as honesty is important to me on a very spiritual level, I am a follower of Jesus Christ first and foremost, and that foundation is the driving force behind everything in my life, including my desire for honest reviews.


Favourite Game Genre?

I love MMO anything, RTS, RPG, FPS to me being able to interact with people as I play a definite bonus, however, if I am going to play solo, then RTS or RPG wins out.

Favourite Game Ever?

Knights of the Old Republic or Age of Empires III, both games I have completed dozens of times.

So you are some Religious nutbag?

No, I despise the very concept of religion, I Believe in lordship, Jesus is my Lord and Savior, he and his words I place my trust in, Religion itself does more harm than good.

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