I have has been gaming since 1992 when I received my first game console, a discounted Sega Master system with built in Sonic the Hedgehog, so began a 25 year love of gaming!
Review: Daymare 1998

Daymare 1998 would be a fantastic free total conversion mod for Resident Evil 2, sadly it’s not a fan mod but a paid standalone title, and that is where the trouble begins.

Voice Acting.

I have played hundreds of indie games and voice acting is often subpar.. the voice acting in Daymare 1998 is truly something else, while some of the characters are passable, others.. and especially the female characters are terrible, calling it high school drama club calibre of acting would be generous. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Is The King of Fighters 2002 Worth Playing in 2020?

A King Without a Throne.

The King of Fighters is a franchise forever doomed to play 2nd fiddle to the larger games in the genre, with Street Fighter and Tekken Long battling it out for first place, The King of Fighters circles around the edge of the feeding frenzy picking up a small but dedicated community of fans and releasing some pretty solid titles that hold up well even in 2020. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Review: Wintermoor Tactics Club

Doesn’t Take itself too seriously.

Wintermoor Tactics Club does not take itself or the source material very seriously, and that is fantastic, the world is full of serious turn-based strategy games. In contrast, the Tactics Club take their own lives very seriously you cannot help but smirk at the gentle ribbing of how nerdy Dungeon and Dragons players often are. ....  Read Full Article

Let Be Honest About: Games That Aged Badly – Final Fantasy Edition

When it comes to classic games that hold a warm place in our heart, there are four states of existence.

  • The Original Looks Good For Its Age.
  • The Original Looks It’s Age.
  • The Remaster Looks Awesome.
  • The Remaster Looks Worse Than The Original.

Final Fantasy is a much-beloved series that, in many ways, is responsible for the widespread acceptance and enjoyment of the JRPGs in the western world. Still, even our favourite childhood games grow older, and in the case of Final Fantasy, not all of them have aged gracefully. ....  Read Full Article

Early Access Review: Old World

Civilization finally has not one but two serious rivals in launching 2020, with Old World currently in Early Access and Humankind releasing in 2020 sometime during 2020, its a great time for fans of the 4X genre.

Competition leads to innovation and having played every Civilization title and expansion pack I am excited to see how the presence of two new contenders for the 4X crown will benefit the genre as a whole. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Review: Population Zero

Refreshing Twist on the genre… In theory.

Population Zero on paper is a refreshing twist on the survival genre, with a greater focus on MMO-lite features such as questing and offering a defined endgame scenario.

In reality, Population Zero is one of the worst survival games to launch into Steam Early Access, and without a miracle and massive refactor of the core gameplay experience will die before it has a chance to recover. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC

Review: Streets of Rage 4

A sequel 26 years in the making.

Twenty-six years ago, I was seven years old, and only months away from receiving my first games console ( a Sega Master System on clearance sale). At the same time, I had previously played an hour or so of Streets of Rage 2 on a relatives console, I would not experience the series again until May 4th 2020, with Streets of Rage 4. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Controversy has followed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 since its original release in 2009, so its a surprise to no one that the 2020 Remaster has brought its share of controversy to the table.

Is it only half a Game?

Yes and no, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a franchise spanning title, with maps inspired by the entire Call of Duty franchise slowly making their way into the title. ....  Read Full Article

Platforms: PC Playstation 4 XBox One

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