Autochess: Better than Dota UnderLords? PC

Hands down Autochess would be far easier to pick up than Dota Underlords if not for two major issues.

The first issue is the community seems almost entirely Chinese speaking, I have yet to encounter a single non-Chinese player, so for non-Chinese speakers, there is little to no form of community or in-game chat/banter.

The second is the constant disconnects and reconnects. I am talking nonstop, I suffered through 30+ disconnects in 70 minutes, and while I could reconnect and … Read Full Article “Autochess: Better than Dota UnderLords?”

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Review: Dota Underlords: Ahhh Thats better! PC

In my previous review of Dota Underlords, I was not very impressed, while I could see there was potential for something great, overall the game felt lacking in any real substance beyond the novelty of the genre.

The Big Update!

While it’s hard to nail down any one single improvement to the game, some of the best developments for me were in the area of alliances and passive buffs provided by the Underlords.

The expanded array of alliances between … Read Full Article “Review: Dota Underlords: Ahhh Thats better!”

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Review: Dota Underlords : Why?! PC

Updated Review: Oct 25th

I need to come clean, I can not see why people like this game, heck why they like the genre itself, its nothing that hasn’t been done better previously, games like Minion Masters have a very similar gameplay structure, but with added interactivity and challenge, I just don’t see the excitement of playing an RNG and luck-based game that gives you no direct control over the battle itself.

An excellent way to waste time?

I could … Read Full Article “Review: Dota Underlords : Why?!”

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