Review: Fortnite : Chapter 2 – A Big Step Forward and Backwards PC

We all know what Fortnite is, and the Blackhole event is old news, and let’s not rehash were Brutes good or bad for the game, let’s look at Chapter 2 and what changed, what left and what’s new!

Bots Fun, Sad Fun.

Its always a good laugh to find a bot, from their stiff movements to poor choice of combat position, Bots are pretty much a free kill and loot source of near-infinite supply.

However, they are also in a … Read Full Article “Review: Fortnite : Chapter 2 – A Big Step Forward and Backwards”

Review: Planetside Arena: This Won’t Go Well. PC

Everyone hates Daybreak.. well almost.

After Landmark, Everquest Next, H1Z1: Just Survive, and H1Z1: King of the Kill (and all its renames), people are naturally distrusting of Daybreak, I always try to be fair to people knowing that past mistakes can lead to better futures.

And yet even I wince at seeing a Daybreak game, they have messed up so consistently despite making games of fair to good quality that its almost become a trend.

No matter how good a … Read Full Article “Review: Planetside Arena: This Won’t Go Well.”

Review: Battlefield V : FireStorm aka oh yay another Battle Royale :| PC

Now lets prefix this so the manbabies and incels can do something else, yes this is about Battlefield 5, yes we know it tortures your insides that they allowed women into the game, grow up and move along.

What’s it like?

Firestorm is one of the most unique Battle Royales around in 2019, it is not fast-paced like Blackout, nor is it a colourful extravaganza of skins and craziness like Fortnite, it lacks the tactical edge of PlayerUnknown battlegrounds, and … Read Full Article “Review: Battlefield V : FireStorm aka oh yay another Battle Royale :|”

Review: Mordhau: Halfway there.. woohoo living on a prayer. PC

Mordhau is one of the most attractive games I have played in a very long time, with a large, and passionate player base that grows by the day, simple to pick up yet challenging to master skills, and a wide array of classes/loadouts the gameplay feels like something ripped from the pages of history, or at least from your favourite cheesy Hollywood medieval romp.

Smooth as butter

I played a few matches, and apart from near-instant matchmaking the first thing … Read Full Article “Review: Mordhau: Halfway there.. woohoo living on a prayer.”

Review: Apex Legends : Worse for TitanFall, than Fortnite. PC

Let us get the elephant out of the room.

Let us get to the big question people are asking all over the web, will Apex legends kill Fortnite?

And let’s be honest while Fortnite one day won’t be the global phenomenon it continues to be, Apex Legends won’t kill the titan, that being said Fortnite has a serious contender in Apex, and that is great for gamers as iron sharpens Iron Apex and Fortnite will continuously strive to please and … Read Full Article “Review: Apex Legends : Worse for TitanFall, than Fortnite.”

Review: CSGO DangerZone : Its kinda Battle Royale..if you squint. PC

A massive sprawling map… umm kinda…no?

CSGo DangerZone has a large map for CSGO, but overall it feels puny, bland and rather.. CSGO, I don’t play CSGO for pretty maps I play CSGO for frantic, fast-paced action, and the design philosophy of CSGO map design doesn’t carry over well to a BR map, it just feels, amateur and lacklustre.

A huge variety of skins… not exactly.

CSGO boasts of a vast variety of weapon skins.. yay.. nothing like spending a … Read Full Article “Review: CSGO DangerZone : Its kinda Battle Royale..if you squint.”

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