Review: SlipStream: Taking me back to Clear Coke and Ringpops! PC

Slipstream brought me back to the glorious days of the Sega Megadrive, I was eight years old and Christmas and birthdays were the only times I would get new games, considering they were inordinately expensive back in the ’90s compared to today.

A standard Sega MegaDrive title (£44.99 in 1994) would cost £85+ in 2019, allowing for inflation.

Those glorious moments of trying a new game and knowing it would be your main game for the next six or so … Read Full Article “Review: SlipStream: Taking me back to Clear Coke and Ringpops!”

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Review: Worms Reloaded : 8 years isn’t a Decade. PC

Just a pet peeve out the way first, I see several people calling this game a decade old, a decade is ten, not eight years.. with that being said Worms Reloaded is close to getting its gaming social security, is it any good eight years after release?

How does it play?

It plays the same as almost every worms game since the 90’s decent fun gameplay with nicer looking graphics than the ’90s but honestly, its worms, if you like … Read Full Article “Review: Worms Reloaded : 8 years isn’t a Decade.”

Review: EverQuest : Goodness aren’t you dead yet? PC

Almost old enough to drink.

Everquest turns 20 next year and still gets updates, new servers, and new members, and that is mind-blowing, with many AAA games not making it to their 2nd birthday, it makes the achievement all the more amazing.

Pass me the Ringpops and crank up the walkman!

EQ is very much a relic of the ’90s, and that is pretty awesome in its way, a game made back when people thought Tamagotchi were awesome is still … Read Full Article “Review: EverQuest : Goodness aren’t you dead yet?”

Review: Super Dungeon Master VX: Quest for the Firestaff PC

Oh, boy, here we go.

A game based off Dungeon Master (1987) rebuilt in RPG maker, what could go wrong? Putting aside possible copyright infringement, we sink our teeth into this game, which is honestly.. just not very good, the fact it isn’t Dungeon Master takes away all nostalgia you may have felt, the overwhelming scent of RPGMaker also takes away from the quality feel of the game, in blunt terms 90% of people hate RPG maker games for good reason, … Read Full Article “Review: Super Dungeon Master VX: Quest for the Firestaff”

Review: Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Blast to the Past PC

Starting with part 2 like George Lucas or confused Grandmas.

Part 2 of the acclaimed Ezio Trilogy, Assassins Creed Brotherhood has been hailed by many as a high point of the series, but eight years later is it any good? We put on our robes, sharpen our blades and dive into to reviewing this 2010 classic Assassin Creed title as part of our Year of the Assassin in celebration of AC Origins globally successful release.

How does the Story hold up?

Read Full Article “Review: Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Blast to the Past”

Review: Age of Mythology : Extended Edition – Fine as Aged Wine PC

Age of Empires 2 getting all fancy.

Age of mythology at its core is Age of Empires 2 with a few additional features, right off the bat if you hate AoE2 you might as well stop now, if you love Aoe2 well  prepare to become the geek who knew his Centaurs from his Ents, his Fawns from his Klingons, tape up those glasses and put in your pocket protectors we are taking a dive into the world of Mythology.

The … Read Full Article “Review: Age of Mythology : Extended Edition – Fine as Aged Wine”

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