Review: Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that… PC

It’s Deep.

Stranded Deep is an open-world survival game like so many others, however, what sets it apart is the depth of crafting and survival aspects, picking up coconuts isn’t a simple slot and snack ordeal, from climbing trees to cutting it open, there are a few more steps involved with everything you do.

Crafting also shares this philosophy with multiple stages being required to produce most items, this adds a deeper level of immersion which for a game with … Read Full Article “Review: Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that…”

Review: Warframe: the Poor Mans Destiny? PC

Warframe is very much like Destiny in an entirely different way… no that doesn’t make much sense, so hush up and let me finish.

Both games are loot focused shooters, and while they have different styles of combat (first vs third)and even a very different approach to Loot, they play out surprisingly similar in mission structure and overall mechanics.

Dying Side by Side.

The game is co-op, which as you know always earns big points in my book, I love … Read Full Article “Review: Warframe: the Poor Mans Destiny?”

Review: Gears of War 4 : Seriously Good. PC

Yes, it’s so good I didn’t even need to think up a witty subtitle, it’s seriously just that good.

But it’s not on steam!

Very good, here is a cookie for you, while steam is an excellent gaming client it’s not the end-all of PC gaming, pc gaming existed long before steam and many other clients offer some fantastic titles that you would be a fool to miss out on, From Origin to Microsoft APP Store, there are some exclusive … Read Full Article “Review: Gears of War 4 : Seriously Good.”

Review: Life is Feudal: MMO vs Your Own PC

Two games, basically the Same.

Life is Feudal games are basically the same, craft, shape the world, fight players, creatures, build things, look like a disease-ridden peasant, get stuck in the landscape when you dig too deep, fall off cliffs, get stuck in landscape when you dig too deep, feel epic and powerful till you have your butt handed to you by a feral rodent.. get stuck in.. wait have I mentioned getting stuck in landscape yet?

Overall the developers … Read Full Article “Review: Life is Feudal: MMO vs Your Own”

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops 4: We all knew it was going to be good, but THIS Good?! PC

Its better than Black Ops 2 and that takes some doing.

Black Ops 2 has earned itself the honour of having one of the longest runs of any CoD game, with a community that is still active 24/7 6 years from release!, while not massive, with a peak of 3k CCU  after 6 years BL2 has a community roughly on par with that of 2017’s Cod WW2!

If you have a Pc that can run it you will find the … Read Full Article “Review: Call of Duty Black Ops 4: We all knew it was going to be good, but THIS Good?!”

Review: Don’t Starve, Alone or Together! PC

So much alike, decided to review these together!

Yes, its kinda cheating but Don’t Starve series is pretty much the same game, while the together has improvement, both share a lot of the same good points, so we shall review together!.

Playing Alone.. eat your cookies!

Random generated maps, ability to save whenever you want, no one to steal your pine cones, Don’t starve is perfect for those who are anti-social or cannot play very often, the cookie art style … Read Full Article “Review: Don’t Starve, Alone or Together!”

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