Predator Alert: HolyDay, Good, Bad Or Ugly. PC

HolyDay publishes several mobile games on Steam, which are of fair quality and mostly follow the format of Adventure Capiltaist, clicker games with no real end goal beyond increasing your stats/income.

While this genre is oddly addictive, the titles are barely games in any real sense of the word.

Every genre has its good and bad, and free to play commercial mobile style games depend on microtransactions, in this genre having microtransactions is to be expected, we can only judge … Read Full Article “Predator Alert: HolyDay, Good, Bad Or Ugly.”

Pulse Check : Contagion PC

Welcome to Pulse Check, every fortnight we check out a different game that is widely believed to be “dead” to see if there is any sort of development or community activities, for our third game lets take a look at Contagion.

Original Review

Developer Activity.

After several years of no development and a switch in development teams we have slowly started getting bugfixes and quality of life change,s honestly I don’t believe the developers can do much more than this … Read Full Article “Pulse Check : Contagion”

Lets Be Honest About: Is The RTS Genre Dead? PC

It’s repeated from Sub-Reddit to Sub-Reddit in loud voices and factless opinions, the RTS genre is dead, never to return, and as with most things, Reddit based, its entirely wrong, the RTS genre is far from dead, it’s coming back into its own, and with greater strength than ever before, the genre, however, is a genre that is undergoing a time of condensation and refocusing.

A New Golden Age.

Very much like MMORPG and Battle Royale, the RTS genre is … Read Full Article “Lets Be Honest About: Is The RTS Genre Dead?”

Lets be Honest About: What 2019 Taught Us.

2019: Year of the Manbaby.

In 2019 any game that dared to have a female lead, a female co-lead, or any female whose purpose was to do more than show T&A was deemed SJW by the incel manbabies of steam and Reddit,  male characters didn’t escape this onslaught if they were anything other than straight white American male, developers were called SJW and incels and racists raged like poorly behaved children.

I wish SJW and Anti SJW could both see … Read Full Article “Lets be Honest About: What 2019 Taught Us.”

Lets be Honest About: Needing a Savior PC

Now before you get all offended, let me finish, this isn’t going to be some preachy sermon as I ain’t got time for that any more than you do, I have no love for religion, Truth. However, I do have a lifelong interest in.

Mankind has always needed Heroes.

From cave paintings to gaming in 2019 and beyond a common trend emerges in mankind’s history, we desire a heroic tale, it’s embedded deep into our DNA on a primal level, … Read Full Article “Lets be Honest About: Needing a Savior”

Farewell for 2019: What Comes Next PC

2019 has been a great year, with over 275 reviews and editorials posted, a brand new custom website design and the official launch of our mascot.

I am really looking forward to a Christmas break, starting on the 24th scheduled posts will appear every 2-3 days until the 12th January when I will be returning to work, let’s look back at some of the triumphs and failures of 2019.


2019 saw the launch of our popular Let’s Be Honest … Read Full Article “Farewell for 2019: What Comes Next”

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