Review: Jump Force : Hop, Skip and Jump XBOX

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.

I will preface this by saying Jump force is probably the smoothest fighting game I have ever played and for me, the sheer speed and variety of combat moves places it at the top tier of the genre alongside greats like Tekken 7, Streetfighter V and Dead or Alive 6.

Being able to assemble a team of characters, including custom created heroes and quickly swap between them during combat made combat more dynamics and engaging … Read Full Article “Review: Jump Force : Hop, Skip and Jump”

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Review: Absolver : Mother Nature is a cruel critic. XBOX

Storms are dangerous things.

The day Absolver launched the USA was rocked by a massive hurricane which left many of the developers and support staff unable to get to work, multiplayer launches are always janky, it’s just how it works, even giants like ESO and World of Warcraft had terrible launches.

Hurricane Harvey and its weather systems restricted the ability of Absolver developers to respond to the myriad launch issues, and Steam’s community is entitled and toxic at the best … Read Full Article “Review: Absolver : Mother Nature is a cruel critic.”

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Review: Dead or Alive 6: Bringing Less-Sexy Back PC

Now let us start by saying control-wise Dead or Alive 6 is 5 but prettier, the game-play is as always super smooth and a real treat to play, the story mode isn’t anything to write home about, but does anyone play fighting games for the story?

Has anything changed?

Its much prettier, for one thing, the character models and the arena design are some of the most beautiful you will find in 2019, and make games like Street Fighter V … Read Full Article “Review: Dead or Alive 6: Bringing Less-Sexy Back”

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Review: Dead or Alive 5 : I’m to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts. PC

Must be Jelly as Jam doesn’t jiggle like that.

Lets clear the air, Dead or Alive series is mostly known for its jiggling butts and boobs, and honestly, that’s not going to change much, the small changes to instalment 6 caused uproar and undoubtedly future DLC will see the girls fighting while in bath towels, floral necklaces, and less.

Sex appeal is the way of the game and while these elements are cringe, under the hood DoA 5 is a … Read Full Article “Review: Dead or Alive 5 : I’m to sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.”

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Review: Mortal Kombat X : Well that’s unexpected. XBOX

This review was done after playing the XBOX version of the game, but the critical narrative and mechanical points hold for all versions.

A confession before we begin.

I knew Mortal Kombat would be exceptionally smooth, I knew the characters would have fantastic animations and a massive array of skills, that being said I thought the game would be overly edgy full of boobies and broken skulls, and honestly that is mostly true, but under the tasteless violence and sex … Read Full Article “Review: Mortal Kombat X : Well that’s unexpected.”

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