Review: Roller Champions: We have a new contender. PC

Lets clear the Air.

Roller Champions would be a perfect match for the Epic Store, its demographic almost entirely matches that of Fortnite BR, its business model should copy 100% Fortnite Br, including battle passes and skins, it will be a runaway success and Ubisoft is too smart to throw what could be tens of millions in extra fees at steam just to appease the Steam/Reddit Militia.

How does she run?

Gameplay-wise Roller Champions is already super smooth, and on … Read Full Article “Review: Roller Champions: We have a new contender.”

Review: CSGO DangerZone : Its kinda Battle Royale..if you squint. PC

A massive sprawling map… umm kinda…no?

CSGo DangerZone has a large map for CSGO, but overall it feels puny, bland and rather.. CSGO, I don’t play CSGO for pretty maps I play CSGO for frantic, fast-paced action, and the design philosophy of CSGO map design doesn’t carry over well to a BR map, it just feels, amateur and lacklustre.

A huge variety of skins… not exactly.

CSGO boasts of a vast variety of weapon skins.. yay.. nothing like spending a … Read Full Article “Review: CSGO DangerZone : Its kinda Battle Royale..if you squint.”

Review: Ring of Elysium: The best F2P Battle Royale on Steam. PC

A Smooth Criminal.

Stealing the 4th place and unlikely to drop much or rise at all, this is the fate of Ring of Elysium, without the muscle to dislodge Fortnite, PuBG or CoD Blackops 4, Roe looks unlikely to break into the top 3, but with only Battlefield V Battle Royale left to truly challenge it, it seems to be in for a life cycle in the 4th/5th place of the genre, not a bad place to be in such a … Read Full Article “Review: Ring of Elysium: The best F2P Battle Royale on Steam.”

Review: Warframe: the Poor Mans Destiny? PC

Warframe is very much like Destiny in an entirely different way… no that doesn’t make much sense, so hush up and let me finish.

Both games are loot focused shooters, and while they have different styles of combat (first vs third)and even a very different approach to Loot, they play out surprisingly similar in mission structure and overall mechanics.

Dying Side by Side.

The game is co-op, which as you know always earns big points in my book, I love … Read Full Article “Review: Warframe: the Poor Mans Destiny?”

Review: Path of Exiles: Diablo MMO?! PC

“Path of Exiles: Diablo MMO?!” Hows that for a click bait title? And while it is partially true, the game-play is one of the best Non-Diablo ARPG on the market, its free to play with an incredibly fair system, relying mostly on convenience and cosmetic sales to keep afloat, it sells no items which provide a direct competitive edge in its cash shop.

Boring stuff out of the way, how is it?

Its a very solid and pretty title, combat … Read Full Article “Review: Path of Exiles: Diablo MMO?!”

Lord of the Rings Online has died, will it live again? PC

I am not talking about raw numbers, player base wise Lotro as always after an update is slightly larger than normal, no the death I speak of is one of morality and ethics, Free to play gamers have been once again given a shank in the ribs, with the removal of key drops and the new replacement mote vendor having only a fraction of the tomes and buffs that the old boxes had, SSG have successfully pushed all the good … Read Full Article “Lord of the Rings Online has died, will it live again?”

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