Review: BATTALION 1944: Bringing Something to the Table. PC

Looking back at my previous review from March 2018, I can see that BATTALION 1944 has come a long way, and while its changes warrant a change from negative to positive review, several of my issues with its EA release remain to this day, in this review we will look at what improved, what stayed the same and if anything got worse.

What’s Good.

Initially the lack of lag and their choice of Unreal Engine were aspects that impressed me, … Read Full Article “Review: BATTALION 1944: Bringing Something to the Table.”

Review: Paladins : Overwatch Clone or Something more? PC

Hi-Rez copy things, accept that.

Fans of Hi-Rez need to accept that their beloved developer often leeches onto the success of other titles and makes their derivatives, haters of Hi-Rez need to accept this isn’t illegal nor is it shady, Hi-Rez unlike many “clone developers” actually add new mechanics or features, in the case of Paladins the addition of a third-person camera is something I wish Overwatch itself would do, its a fun alternative to first person.

Not bad, not

Read Full Article “Review: Paladins : Overwatch Clone or Something more?”

Review: Need For Speed Payback : Fast and Furious EA PC

The Fast.

EA knows how to make a good game, hate on them all you want for their sometimes odd business practices, but EA titles are rarely mechanically shoddy or graphically anything short of gorgeous, need for Speed Payback is your classic racing games with a really cheesy story to boot, every character seems more like androids who sprout witty banter that sounds more forced than a politician saying sorry.

The cars handle great, the tracks are gorgeously designed, and … Read Full Article “Review: Need For Speed Payback : Fast and Furious EA”

Review: Crossout: When the Dust Settles PC

Crossout is one of those games that almost no one knows about, that is with the exception of your finger clicking, indie love, vegan friends, the type of people who like to watch French-language movies and abhor anything mainstream, they probably heard about it, however just because they like it doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s very much a niche game with mainstream appeal.

A journey of a thousand steps begins with one.

I first played crossover back in the … Read Full Article “Review: Crossout: When the Dust Settles”

Review: Call of Duty WWII : Let the War Begin. PC

The Most Toxic of Shooter Communities

“Call of Duty sucks”, “Call of Duty WW2 is awesome”,” lol Dead game”, “you get out of this forum now this is the best game ever”.

Trolls and fanboys are both equally irritating, and honestly their opinions are not worth listening to, is Call of Duty WWII the best game ever? No, it’s not. Is Call of Duty WWII a fantastic quality World War II shooter with an engaging story, active multiplayer, and a … Read Full Article “Review: Call of Duty WWII : Let the War Begin.”

Review: Destiny 2 it sucks, or does it? PC

Destiny 2 it sucks or does it?

Many gamers were disappointed with the launch of Destiny 2, they felt like they had been cheated, they felt like there was not enough content to justify the price, they felt exactly like gamers felt when Destiny 1 launched, a game now looked back upon with rose coloured glasses while comparing it favourably to Destiny 2.

Patience is a virtue.

Gamers need to understand that when launching a squeal with a new engine … Read Full Article “Review: Destiny 2 it sucks, or does it?”

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