Review: Ghost Recon – Breakpoint: Ubisoft Strikes Gold Again. PC

This review is based on playing the Gold Edition of Ghost Recon – Breakpoint via the UPlay Launcher.

Cut the Drama.

I will begin the review by saying all those complaining over the availability of MTX such as skins/single-player MTX, etc., are complaining over nothing.

If a man looks at a can of beer with a burning desire to get drunk out of his mind for the next ten years+, then he is an alcoholic, should all beer be banned … Read Full Article “Review: Ghost Recon – Breakpoint: Ubisoft Strikes Gold Again.”

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Review: Homefront Revolution: One of the best games you never played! PC

Homefront Revolution was a far better sequel than Homefront deserved, yet gamers don’t forget easy and Homefront while not being entirely awful sucked in several and diverse ways if you want to read our blunt but fair review of Homefront look here.

To read what we thought of the sequel, read on!

Not Far Shy of Far Cry

Ubisoft and especially the Far Cry games are the king of open-world first-person shooters, and very few come close to challenging them. … Read Full Article “Review: Homefront Revolution: One of the best games you never played!”

Review: Far Cry New Dawn: More like this please! PC

Not a Zombie to be seen.

Don’t get me wrong I like zombies, they are the brainless foe we all face in real life and are unable to unload a 45 on, in their staggering undead form we can all be Rick Grimes with his unending supply of rounds and deep abiding love of saying the word Coral, with all that being said its nice to finally see another take on our presumed dark future, Hope Valley while not offering … Read Full Article “Review: Far Cry New Dawn: More like this please!”

Review: Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that… PC

It’s Deep.

Stranded Deep is an open-world survival game like so many others, however, what sets it apart is the depth of crafting and survival aspects, picking up coconuts isn’t a simple slot and snack ordeal, from climbing trees to cutting it open, there are a few more steps involved with everything you do.

Crafting also shares this philosophy with multiple stages being required to produce most items, this adds a deeper level of immersion which for a game with … Read Full Article “Review: Stranded Deep: Yeah Exactly that…”

Review: Will to Live Online: Russian EA Failure v2? PC

Russian EA Failure v2?

Slightly click bait title but for a valid point, not all Eastern Europeans are Russians, just like all Western developers are not American, that being said there have been Many Early access games from Eastern Europe which have frankly been scams, Will to Live however is not one of them, the developers while not perfect have tried to apply community feedback whenever possible and while the CCU is tiny its a solid game, a lot of … Read Full Article “Review: Will to Live Online: Russian EA Failure v2?”

Review: Shroud of the Avatar : Bigger isn’t always better. PC

Traditional Concepts.

Shroud of the avatar is not your everyday theme park MMO it doesn’t even follow the most basic MMO rule, and that is levels, instead of levels for your character, you level skills individually via use, want to shoot better? Then shoot more! Want to run faster? Then run around more, build those muscles.

Even your archery arrows require crafted/purchased arrows. Otherwise, they are useless, the economy is player-driven, and even the communities other than a few stories … Read Full Article “Review: Shroud of the Avatar : Bigger isn’t always better.”

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